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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

Well, we got a bonus day before metro fare increases.

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  • Rave: Just got back from a great Rehoboth beach weekend and we couldn’t have had better weather.

    Rants: An unfortunate side effect of being outside at the beach all weekend is the unavoidable sunburn. Metro fare increases (although Metro has pushed me to drive to work more, which is a huge time-saver!). Work is so busy!

    Also, its August already?

    • Any tips on where to stay in Rehoboth? Rental houses? B&Bs? Hotels?

      My rants:

      1) Monday.

      2) I am not in the mood for the extensive wedding festivities of people I don’t particularly know that are set to commence Wednesday. I need a proper vacation! One that does not involve buying fancy lingerie (that I can’t afford) for a woman (that I don’t know). Does that make me a bad person?

      • We stayed in a hotel (Avenue Inn) and it was just fine! We probably would have preferred to stay in a house, but when you spend the entire day at the beach, it doesn’t matter where you sleep 🙂

      • Makes me glad I run with an unconventional crowd where people are unlikely to ever get married. I have a coworker who I swear burns 100% of his vacation days on weddings and wedding-related travel. What a drag.

        • engineergirl: I’m gonna guess you’re in your 20’s. If so, wait 10 years, and the majority of your unconventional crowd will be inviting you to their mid-30’s weddings. I had a wedding drought from 25-31, and now all I do is go to them.

          • Ditto.

          • Yeah, I went to something like 7 weddings between 32-38.

          • 7 in 6 years; I wish! I clearly have too many friends/family. I’ve averaged 5/year for the past three years, many of whom said they’d never get married when they were in their 20’s…

          • Next it will be baby showers, and then baby birthday parties. Your friends will wait until they are 38-39, then panic and get it done. Whoever is left will wonder why nobody can come out at night anymore. And savor doing whatever they want whenever they want.

          • I’ve got to admit that the wedding stage is definitely not my favorite so far.

            Driver’s license = thrill of mobility (in my out there hometown, at least), with a hit to the wallet;

            21st birthday = increased social space, to the detriment of the liver;

            Striking out on your own with a new pet = my favorite life stage so far with lots of cute cuddlies to play with, but with the disappointment of plenty of poor/new owners; and now,

            Weddings = free booze and cake, but with requisite sacrifice of vacation time and too many presents to be bought.

            Frankly, I’m not any where near ready to consider what the baby making and kiddie party phases will bring!

  • No rants exceot for being ar work and having a case of the Mondays.

    Rave: Got Fios installed this weekend and I’m very pleased with it.

    Rave: Saw and sat in with The Asylum Street Spankers this weekend, while they were on their farewell tour. The audience reaction I got from my solo was amazing. I still have a bit of a buzz from it.

    • Street Spanking is a long-time tradition in Washington D.C., and it please me greatly to see that the tradition has carried on. And Asylum is an ideal venue for this.

  • Rant: My ipod broke. I have been using it almost daily for the past 3 years..so I can’t complain too much.

    Rave: My birthday is this weekend, so I am hoping for a new one.

    Rant: I don’t like my birthday, I feel like by making bday plans I am forcing people to hang out with me. How despressing it that?

  • rant: it’s not me, it’s you DC. i love you for so many reasons, but dating here sucks.

  • Rant: I crashed my ubuntu box last night. Tried to update and filled up the harddrive due to all the mp3s from streamripper. Now can’t log in. Now have to work through all the terminal commands to fix my dpkg package and missing /var files. Anyone out there an expert on ubuntu aptitude and sudo chown?

    Rave: Finally not so freakin’ hot!

  • Dating here does suck. Look on the brightside though, the transitional nature of our population means less chance of running into the myriad douchebags you met and immediately discarded … silver lining?

    Rave: the city is EMPTY
    Rant: summer’s almost left us again. Praying hard against Snowpocalypse 2011.

    • I’m s’pecting we’ll get another heat wave before it’s all over – we’ve still got August.
      But, yeah, last weekend we felt it was too hot, even to go to the pool. This weekend it was too cold.

      And just yesterday my gal and I were talking about the next Snowpocalypse – we can wait for it, but I’m looking forward to another locals-only pub crawl.

  • my thyroid is seriously screwed these days… my doctor switched me from generic to name brand and then upped my dosage. i started having hyperthyroidism symptoms (which incluse scary shit like heart palpitations, hot flashes, anxiety and insomnia). when i called my doctor about this, asking to be put back on my old medicine, she pretty much said there was no way i could have side effects from going from generic to name brand, and that also i shouldnt be having problems at a higher dosage. after i told her that i would not take the new medicine and would just finish off my old pills, she gave in and wrote me a prescription for the old dosage on the new medicine. im still feeling poorly, but the side effects have calmed down a lot.

    • Wow! That is totally annoying! Who knows your body better than you do? Your doctor should listen to what you have to say and not assume that she knows what you’re feeling. I would look for a new doctor…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I have a headache. I’ve had a headache for about a week now.
    Rave: I’ve had practically no regular headaches for the past couple of years b/c no headaches is a side effect of a medication I take.

    • Rant: I have a headache too – I think it is after-effects of a summer cold. Go away cold!

      Rave: New bedsheets are silky smooth (though not actually silk).

  • I beg to differ. I don’t think dating here sucks. People here are generally not bimbos, and have some sort of career. Not a whole lot of deadbeats. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong places…I’m not trying to rain on your parade, I’m just saying, this is a better dating city than all the other cities I’ve lived in.

    Rant: I have to skip Lollapolooza to work. Balls.

    Rave: I made my bed this morning.

  • Rant: the 1400 block of parkwood place is going to hell.

  • Rant: 2007 Excel is driving me to drink.

    Rave: 1st perfect night for outdoor dining last night all summer. New friends, good food.

  • During Segregation in DC, where did you go to school if you were neither White, nor Black?

  • Rave: The weather’s not so hot, cute guys are out jogging with no shirts again!
    Rant: Please just one sudden overnight freeze to knock back the mosquito population?

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