PoP T-shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – China

PoP readers world travels continue. This reader writes:

“I spent 2 weeks in China and got pics wearing the PoP T shirt in Shanghai at the Expo and also in Hong Kong.”

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  • How was Shanghai Expo? Crowded? How long are the waits to get in each pavilion? I was thinking of going in October…


  • The lines at the expo are brutal. Up to three hours wait for some pavilions. I have heard it can be worse on busier days. The short lines are for the pavilions that are not as good. I would recommend a a VIP pass if you can get it (don’t know how). We saw the country pavilions. I would have rather seen the corporate exhibits. The event is well supported and in a nice area, but the crowds and heat are overwhelming. It will get more crowded come the Fall. We did not think the day there was worth it, but, only my opinion.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I guess that answers my question; not worth it!

    I remember visiting Expo 86 in Vancouver as a kid. What an amazing experience. But the crowds of Shanghai scare me. 3 hours? No thanks!

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