PoP Preview – Rustik Tavern

Photo by PoPville flickr user Scenic Artisan

Last week I broke the news that Rustik Tavern would be moving into Baraki’s proposed space at the corner of 1st and T St, NW. There was a small open house this past weekend and the folks who stopped by, during the artwalk on 1st (more on that later), could hardly contain their enthusiasm. Indeed the space does look super promising. Including the famed wood burning oven:

I understand that there are still some permits that need to be acquired but hopefully folks will be eating pizza and drinking draft beer in Bloomingdale before the summer ends. I’m told literally hundreds of folks stopped by to check out the space. For those who stopped by what’d you think of the initial feel?

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  • The space had a great feel to it. Lots of windows, lots of natural light. Very comfortable and clean.

    I can’t believe I didn’t ask about outdoor seating, because there are two patio areas just begging for tables.

  • Strollers!

  • The neighborhood is really excited. The space is quaint and warm. They did a great job….now if they’d only open!

  • I asked about outdoor seating, and the owner said they haven’t applied for zoning for that yet. He said probably next summer.

  • This is going to be great for Bloomingdale! I can’t wait for it (and Boundary Stone) to open!

  • You could only apply for outdoor seating if your business is operating normally. There is no pre-qualification process.

    Once we open, then we can talk about Outdoor Seating.

    Thanks everyone who came out.

  • very friendly owner. can’t thank them enough for helping the neighborhood.

  • Hundreds of people just to see a place under construction?! Wow – congrats to the owners, that place will have a license to print money.

  • Yaaaaay! It looks great. Can’t wait to chill out and eat some pizza… without having to schlep up to Columbia Heights or wherever.

  • Aside from this restaurant looking very nice and the excitement around the proximity, it truly represents a turning point for our beloved bloomingdale. My partner and I have just lived here for a year, but have quickly become smitten with our new Bloomingdale family. Seeing new businesses coming with Rustik, Boundary Stone and the firehouse is even more exciting. I can’t help but walk down streets and imagine how this neighborhood will continue to improve over next 6-12 months. Bravo Rustik, lead the charge! (and get ready for the line of customers with me right in front)

  • Not sure if the owners are reading this, but I am putting in a request for gluten free pizza crusts! I would be there all the time and I know that the gluten free community would come just to Bloomingdale for the pizza.

  • This is one block from me! So exciting! The renovations look great. Rustik, since you read this blog, I would LOVE to see some nice hoppy craft beers on tap 🙂

  • seconding the hoppy craft brew. very excited.

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