Pfeiffer’s Hardware Store Broken into Last Night

August is a tough time for Pfeiffer’s. From the MPD listserv:

“Pfeiffer’s hardware at 3219 Mt Pleasant was broken into last night. We called 911 for assistance and are waiting for the police to arrive.”

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  • What a shame. Brand new owners, too.

  • This really is a shame. Great local business. They have helped me with everything from plumbing problems to combating mice to gardening. I hope they’re able to catch the perp.

  • I hope they beat the perp to a bloody pulp with a garden rake.

  • Booooo. Love Pfeiffer’s, shop there whenever I need hardware, and they are always enormously helpful / informative, and are surprisingly well-stocked considering how small the space is. Definitely a business that everyone should keep supporting.

  • “Surprisingly well-stocked considering how small the space is”??

    That’s what SHE said!

  • I’m pretty sure they were burgled last night, not “robbed.” It’s different (although either would be a bummer).

    • Are you either in law school or a recent graduate? you seem like that type.

      • If somebody breaks into a building and takes things, that’s a burglary. A robbery is somebody confronting you in person and taking your property. In common parlance, sure, people miss the distinction. But there’s a big difference between somebody taking your stuff when you’re not around, and somebody threatening you with personal violence and harm if you don’t hand over your wallet. Burglary is classified a property crime, robbery a crime of violence.

      • I like cheese: this isn’t about me, but for what it’s worth, I’m just interested in what happened at Pfeiffers. As someone else has already ‘splained, the word choice matters.

      • huh?

        there is a HUGE difference between burglary and robbery, as different as a car and a motorcycle.

  • Love Pfeiffers and I’ve lost interest in rehabilitating criminals. Lock them away for good and be done with them so normal people can simply live normal lives.

  • Hi, my name is Phil Lepanto. My wife Katie and I are the new owners of Pfeiffer’s Hardware.

    Thank you for all of your great comments about how much you like the store. We really want people in the community to be able to count on our store to serve their needs, particularly as they make an effort to shop local.

    Just to give you some more info:

    The suspect sneaked up on our outdoor cameras and shifted their perspective rendering them less than useful. We were able to see the suspect kick in the front door and then take some cash out of the store.

    We are sharing whatever information we have with MPD and will make a post as we learn more.

    Again, thank you for your support of the store and your patronage.


    • Sorry Phil. I’m glad neither you nor Katie were hurt.

      I’m sure you’ve figured this out, but you need an alternate location for cash (dropbox etc..) and an outer door/gate. This town is full of degenerates.

  • Sorry to hear about this. A quick tip: If the register can be seen from the street, you should always leave it open showing that it’s empty.

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