Nirvana Indian Restaurant Closes at 18th and K St, NW

Photo from Nirvana Web site

“Dear PoP,

Do you know about the Indian restaurant Nirvana? I’m sure you do, since you’ve been in D.C. for a while. Nonetheless, it suddenly closed in July. Initially I was told by one of the owners that they were closing due to renovations. But now, when walking by, it appears the closing is more permanent, as the metal sign is gone and the windows are “boarded up” with a white sticker (now commonly used by buildings that do now want to appear vacant). Do you know if there is any chance one of the best Indian restaurants in town is relocating? Or, do you know what happened, exactly? Did the restaurant’s lease expire?

The address of the restaurant that closed was 1810 K Street, NW. It had the best buffet, in that all of the food was extremely fresh. Also, Nirvana’s buffet featured a different region of India every weekday, something I enjoyed. It will be missed. I’m going to check out the 18th & I express location to see if the new restaurant has a buffet. If not, I guess I will have to find another lunch option. ”

Their Web site says:

“Nirvana will be closing for good as of June 25. We appreciate your business, and hope we see you in our other locations.

Nirvana Express
1825 Eye Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
Farragut West Metro

Indian Delight
1100 Pennsylvannia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009
Federal Triangle Metro”

Were there any other fans? We looked at some DC’s best Indian restaurants here and here when we judged Rasika.

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  • Noooooooooooooo! So sad 🙁 I loved going there when I wanted to have a nicer longer lunch. The service was great and the food always good. It will be missed.

  • Thank you for your concern about my family’s restaurant. We closed it permanently without the thought of renovation. There will be another Indian restaurant opening in that space soon, but it IS NOT OWNED BY NIRVANA and will have meat. We have opened a new location in the food court of the same building. This new location focuses on dosa, and serves breakfast and lunch. Come check it out sometime, same people same great food, just a new space!

    • you owned a kiosk at old post office pavilion, right? i used to come in there pretty often a long time ago when i worked downtown. fantastic food.
      i only made it to nirvana 4 times, when my wife worked nearby. the city and jobs are developing and moving further east, so should you! come to NoMa or Mt Vernon Triangle.

    • saf

      Don’t you want a nice place in Petworth? Say, in one of those unused retail spaces in Park Place?

      I think that would be a great idea.

  • Nirvana was the best place! I remember when they had an Indian Delight at Union Station & they were the best restaurant in that entire food court. The Indian place that replaced them isn’t nearly as good. I still remember the dosas 🙂 I’ll have to come by your new place for nostalgia’s sake.

    Since the owners are reading…I think you would do great to open a restaurant in residential neighborhoods – Columbia Heights, Petworth, U Street, etc. Just sayin’!

  • As I work two blocks away, I used to love this restaurant. I’m sad to see it close.

    Nagerseth, can you share any thoughts as to why your family closed such a wonderful place? I’ll certainly check out the food court location, but I’ll miss having this as a dinner option. Is there any chance you’ll reopen elsewhere in the city? If rents grew too great, I’m sure there are many welcoming and more rent-friendly neighborhoods in the city where your restaurant would thrive.

    • We closed Nirvana because of the amount of involvement that was required to run it. We were not able to keep this location alone and get rid of our other ones due to overhead in running a restaurant, so we decided to go with smaller overhead locations. This way its less hours for my parents to work as well :P.

  • I’m sad that Nirvana has closed, but I’m ecstatic that there will be quick dosas nearby!

  • Nirvana was awesome. As a vegetarian, it was really nice to be able to do a lunch buffet and not worry about hidden ingredients. It will be missed. I have been to the location in the food court and it is delicious!

  • what’s a dosa?

  • I guess the achieved absolute enlightenment.

  • Nagerseth–Would your mother share a recipe? Specifically, the one often featured on Thursday’s buffet, which included yogurt and fried chips (I do not know what it is called, even though your family was kind enough to feature the title of the dish). Also, will you be serving the same dish at one of your other locations?

    • My mother loves to share recipes… That dish is known as Chat Paapdi. It actually involves no cooking at all :). You can call our location at (202) 223 1234 to get her email address. I rather not post it on the interwebs. Also, she is in India right now on an extended vacation, so she might not respond too quickly.

      That dish will not be available at our other locations. Also, I would like to apologize for responding so late.

      We hope to see you at our other locations!

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