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  • I heard about this crazy new invention, especially designed for parks, that provides shade, and as a bonus, even adds oxygen to the atmosphere and looks attractive to boot. It is called the “tree.” I guess DC hasn’t heard about that yet.

  • Just in time for the cooler Sept weather…

  • Nice to have some shade. I don’t get why a metal awning is better than the trees that used to be there though.

  • Now all the unemployed and dealers can hangout in the shade all day. For real, who else uses this park.

    • It is pretty heavily used. Lots of kids, camps, daycare, etc, and the dealers keep on dealing all the while.

    • I live right near this and pass it at least twice daily. The people that hang out there are typically community elders, a lot of folks who live in the seniors building right next door. In the morning several neighborhood gentleman open the park, clean it up and get it ready for the day … no drug dealers in sight.

  • Well I’ve used the really nice basketball courts on a number of occasions and I’m neither unemployed nor a dealer.

    But I still think that it is very shortsighted to install an ugly metal awning instead of trees which will grow to provide great shade and actually make the space more, ya know, park-like. The large, ugly bathroom structures are bad enough, but at least they serve some purpose that can’t be duplicated by a green feature.

  • Wow… I am so happy that we have extra funds laying around to provide shelter for folks hanging around in the park all day – as if giving them bathrooms wasn’t ridiculous enough. I guess now that our streets are all in perfect condition, our trees are perfectly maintained, our grass is cut, and our other parks are in tip-top shape and a model of public safety, there just is nothing else to spend the money on. Seriously…. this park is nuts. It is a giant money-pit outdoor living room when other open spaces in this City can’t even get their grass cut.

  • And now I see what kind of crap my 8% tax rate funds. I used to be a Democrat until I moved to this city.

  • Interesting how the resentment in these comments echoes the complaints heard about dog parks and bike lanes. . .

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