Movement at the old Church at 10th and V St, NW

“Dear PoP,

I saw a posting a few weeks back about the crumbling property on 10th and V. It looks like something is about to happen. I hope they rehab it and just keep the original structure. It is such a cool building.”

Looks like Sorg Architects will be involved. I’ll be sure to post updates as progress is made.

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  • Sorg actually owns it. They have longstanding plans on the books to build their new headquarters along with condos on he site (presumably delayed by the bursting of the real estate bubble/inability to get construction financing). The plans incorporate the old church into the new structure.

  • Let’s hope that SARS Architects put something nice on that corner that fits in with the neighborhood, instead of trying to make some sort of “statement” with their work.

    • They’ve definitely put up some pretty tacky, trendy stuff that probably won’t stand the test of time. The Solea is a great example of this. Hell, it already looks dated!

    • Maybe you should take a walk down 10th St in the area of this site (or 11th st or 12th st for that matter). I would say that fitting in with the neighborhood would require a good deal of modern design on the building. Like it or not, the streets between U and Florida are filled with modern buildings. There are some traditional rowhouses, but it’s not as if modern design sticks out here in the same way it would in Georgetown or parts of Columbia Heights. If there is one area of the city where modern architecture(or “tacky/trendy stuff”, depending on your taste) fits in, it is in this area. I’m not a huge fan of that look, but I do think that this neighborhood has become a really interesting part of the city principally because of the modern and often unique design of the buildings.

      • I agree, but keep in mind that “trendy/tacky stuff” and “modern architecture” aren’t necessarily synonymous. Some people are doing it right. Others aren’t.

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