More Fun Unnecessary Quotes

Above from Julia’s Empanadas in Adams Morgan.

And below a reader sends in the one from Halifax:

“Captured this gem in Deb’s Hidden Cafe in scenic Pictou, NS. Thought you might like to run this in your “inappropriate ‘quotes'” section sometime. Truth be told, these quotation marks were entirely appropriate, as the nasty brown water that Deb was passing as coffee could not in good conscience be called that.”

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  • the end quote is facing the wrong direction. 🙂

  • this has got to be one of my favorite pet peeves about signs. “drives” me up a wall.

    Not to mention extraneous exclamation points, as in:
    “Do not! let your children! play on the machines”
    (this from the laundromat I used years ago)

  • This is a major peeve of mine, too. Every Thursday I get a note from a timecard administrator stating that everyone “must” submit their timecards that day. Not sure if it peeves me as much as the overuse of the words “literally” and “random”.

  • Hey – maybe that “coffee” is really Postum.

  • I’ve always been curious about the thought process behind misused quotation marks. There must be some set of rules that the sign-writer applies to determine which words can be honored with quotation marks. Yet the quotation marks appear to be used so randomly that it’s tough to figure out what those rules might be. My best guess is that these people believe they’re supposed to draw attention to a particular word or phrase.

  • Also, who does shots of coffee?

  • everybody but Americans. seems like wherever I go outside the country, what people are drinking are tiny demitasses (sp?) of espresso. sip-sip, go.

    It’s pretty annoying when what you really want is a giant mug of steaming black coffee to sip on for half the morning.

    It’s my one and (hopefully) only “Ugly American” thing…

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