More Amazing Shots of the Electrical Fire at 1875 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to PoPville flickr user Dallas Lillich for uploading these incredible shots of yesterday’s electrical fire in north Dupont Circle. As a result many parts of Adams Morgan lost power.

Dallas writes:

“The fire department moved spectators further back and established a new perimeter, explaining that if one of the vehicles blew up, ‘you don’t want to be around for that.’ Shortly thereafter, purple smoke began billowing from the building. I’m guessing this had something to do with chemicals used by the fire department. Or maybe some things just burn purple. Hilton guests looked bewildered streaming in and out of the hotel directly opposite the building.”

And across the street:

Photo by PoPville flickr user Dallas Lillich

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  • ah

    That purple smoke is awesome.

  • The purple is ‘purple-k’ – a nontoxic dry chemical fire extinguishing powder. Tastes and smells nasty, but does a good job on electrical fires, and looks cool 🙂

  • My partner’s office is across the street, on the first floor of a townhouse and she said that the explosion shook the entire townhouse and cracked a window in her office! She nearly jumped out of her skin it was so loud!

  • Purple K powder hasn’t been used by the Fire Department in years, so this building must have had a fire protection system with this in it. Though it does look pretty cool to see purple smoke, it doesn’t see to be working too well if the series of photos are in order as they were taken….Thick black smoke is an indicator that the fire, though electrical in nature, is rapidly deteriorating…just my 2 cents….good pics

    • Purple K is still used on crash trucks for Airport firefighting and Twin Agent Units. Twin ageants being purple k and foam (AFFF). The TAU from DCFD used purple k to keep the fire from spreading to the building until PEPCO could secure the power to make it safe to use foam and water conductivity reasons

  • I think it means there’s a new Pope and quite possibly he’s gay.

  • Thanks, I’ll be here all week

  • No offense, Mr. Pattern, but I meant John’s comment. Sorry!

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