Missing Person from Mt. Pleasant

“Dear PoP,

My friend and neighbor asked me to report to the police that his roommate was missing. It’s two weeks later and his roommate is still missing. Poor guy is illiterate, speaks very little English. We’ve checked with ICE, the hospitals, the Honduran consulate. We filed the police report but sense the police can’t/won’t do anything. My friend asked me to make the attached poster which I’ll start posting around the neighborhood (Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant) and also by the restaurant where he worked as a dishwasher (M. Street Bar and Grill).”


JESÚS PORTILLO a.k.a. “Nazario”

• Approx 30 years old
• Missing since August 9, 2010 from Columbia Hts/Mt. Pleasant
• Metro Police Missing person report # 116425

Please call 202-280-4006 if you have any information about his whereabouts.


Jesús Portillo (apodo: “Nazario”)

30 años de edad
Desparecio el día 9 de agosto desde
Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights
No. de Reporte de desparecido: MPD# 116425

Favor de llamar al 202-709-0494 si tiene informacion cerca
nuestro amigo.

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  • ICE is pretty notorious for keeping people locked up for days without giving them a chance to tell anyone, and for being pretty lackadaisically inaccurate when answering inquiries from concerned family and friends.

    Not saying that ICE does or doesn’t have him, but an over-the-phone denial from one ICE guy is far from conclusive. ICE doesn’t even have a real-time tracking database for its detainees. Google “America’s secret ICE castles” for more background.

  • Does he bus home from his shift at the Grill? If so, check with the bus driver on the route at that time, they tend to know the faces of the regulars and might remember when they saw him last.

  • me

    Any reason in specific why you think the police won’t/can’t do anything? Just wondering.

  • Did you check with his family in Honduras yet?

  • Mystery solved… he was arrested in Meridian Park by the Park Police, and somehow the missing persons unit did not get the news until I told them, today. He must have lost his phone numbers because he did not call anyone here or in Honduras for three weeks. I found out yesterday about the arrest because someone called after seeing a flyer we put up. After a dozen more phone calls, I found out he is in a halfway house awaiting a hearing. Thanks, PoP for posting this.

  • what was he arrested for? is he here legally? i would love to see this followed up on as updates happen!

    • I don’t think it’s really anyone else’s business here whether or not he is here legally. If you want to know what he was arrested for, read the crime reports.

      • youre kidding right? its not anyones business whether or not someone is in their country legally? how do you rationalize that line of thinking? and thanks for the bitchy advice of reading the crime reports to find out what this guy was arrested for. im guessing that if he is here illegally, youre against deporting him now that he has been arrested, right?

        • Not every question need be answered.
          If you want to know something badly enough, apply yourself to finding the answer.
          The operative word in Anonymous’ post was “here” As in the readership of this blog. Don’t tell me you feel you have certain rights that need to be met by this blog!
          We’re just talkin’ here, not giving testimony.

          • oh, this is rich! now my supposed sense of entitlement is called into question? the community was asked to help, the community tried to help, and now the issue is settled. i think this deserves a follow up, and no, i do not think that the actual prince of petworth should seek this man out and question him, but why is it so much to ask if anyone here in the community knows more on the outcome or information surrounding the situation?

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