Lost and Found: Keys and Bike

“Dear PoP,

This bicycle has been left unclaimed at Duffy’s Irish Pub (2106 Vermont Ave. NW) locked to the bike rack in front for almost a week now. Its a beautiful bike and obviously well cared for by its owner.

It is a vintage cruiser-type bike, rust red in color, with a white wire basket in front, vintage bell and a Honolulu registration tag on the rear (22035) from 1966. It also has a sticker that states ‘mend your fuelish ways’.

Can you post this before it is declared abandoned and taken in by MPD for safekeeping (which almost gaurantees the owner will not be found)?

Duffy’s is closed until Thursday, so after Thursday they can either go directly to Duffy’s and let him know, or they can shoot me an email ([email protected]). Even if it’s after it’s taken in for safekeeping, I can help them retrieve it.”

That is a sweet bike!

And a reader lost some keys in northern Columbia Heights

“Dear PoP,

I seem to have lost a set of keys on Sunday afternoon. There’s a chance I dropped them on the way in from the grocery store. (It was the Harris Teeter, actually, and I drove home so if they did fall, it was somewhere near the car/house.) Could you see if any of your readers picked them up? There’s a car key plus four other keys on a Coach key ring.”

If anyone happened to pick up these keys please email me and I’ll put you in touch with the reader.

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  • Abandoned bikes like this are always a mystery.

  • I’ve seen that bike many times in Mount Pleasant.

  • it’s not mine, but I’ll take it!
    but seriously, folks, what’s the deal? if this presumably is someone’s only means of getting around, how is it that it can sit locked to the rack for a week?

  • The owner e-mailed me. She had to go out of town before she could retrieve Stella (the bike), but will be reunited with her shortly. Yay! I was just afraid the owner had an accident or something and was unable to get the bike.


  • What happens to said bikes that are “declared abandoned and taken to MPD for safe keeping” ? Is there anyway to buy an abandoned bike? I’ve been looking for a cheap used bike with some character

  • Lucky the owners at Duffy’s are so understanding. I bet a lot of bars, restaurants, and shops never would have let it sit there so long.

  • Believe that bike usually lives right around the Radius/Tonic restoplex in Mount Pleasant.

  • Abandoned bikes are handled by DDOT, not MPD. If they can’t be returned to their owner, they’re thrown away.

  • Some police departments sell recovered bikes in lots of 10 or so. So usually you’ll get 9 falling apart stripped Wal-mart bikes and maybe one decent one per lot. My cousin got his (very nice) bike from a guy who would buy them and sell the bikes individually after rehabbing them. This was in VA so I don’t know if MPD does anything similar.

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