Lost (Stolen) and Found: Car and Bike

“Dear PoP,

This Raleigh bike was found (missing tires) on Sunday, August 8th near 10th Street NW in Petworth. We’re happy to return what is left to the rightful owner.”

Please email me if this is your bike and I’ll connect you with the reader who found it.

Photo by Flickr user *vlad*

“Dear PoP,

Our car was stolen yesterday from in front of our own house between 1:30 and 5:30pm in the North Petworth/16th street heights/brighwood area. There is more than the usual traffic(foot and car) due to the Legg Mason tennis tournament which we are only 2 blocks from. It’s a dark blue Honda Accord 4 door(2005) Washington DC plates DM 9762.

We had a Britax baby seat in the back gray/black. If people could maybe keep their eyes open for it. The cop said that usually they just take it joy-riding and then leave it somewhere and since we don’t live near a metro we hope they are from the area and stayed in the area.”

If you see the car please call the police.

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  • For those looking, that blue car pictured looks like a TSX, not an accord.

  • check on the DOT ticket website to see if they parked it illegally. That’s the usual way to locate stolen cars.

    • Yeah, if you didn’t have the right parking permit, DDOT may well have towed your car due to the additional parking restrictions in place during the Legg Mason tournament.

  • I entered the plate into DC’s system and it says \plate not found\ which I am pretty sure means they’ve never even gotten a parking ticket before.

    You have to get ticketed before you can be towed in DC, so they should be in the system if they got towed. Though if it just happened it might take a couple days.

    On the other hand, they will often tow you around the corner or something if you are parked illegally in a rush-hour zone. You didn’t happen leave your car on 16th Street for AM rush hour did you… if the spot was rush hour I’d look around the hood a little bit.

  • We live on a \name\ street, and we fell just outside the zone for legg mason parking restriction….definitely not towed. Stolen. Appreciate anyone who might notice it around town, and call police.

  • Definitely check your license plate online every day for tickets – really the best way (sadly, pretty much the only way) to find a stolen car.

  • They were not ticketing for Legg Mason – just towing. There were more tow trucks than people parked. Sounds like not the case with this car.

  • I just had my car stolen last weekend and it was found by the cameras you see mounted on the backs of police cars. Thank you, technology. Fortunately, in my case, they stayed in the area.

  • Your main problem is that you’re driving a Honda Accord, which is laughably easy to steal. It’s probably been used in thefts from auto or other crimes (which is what happens a lot with these cars). It’ll also probably end up getting found dumped in an alley or on a street…hopefully not on fire.

    P.S. Better start saving up because in all likelihood the ignition is busted, there’s probably going to be some body damage, and a window or two might be damaged and/or broken.

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