Lawn Decoration of the Day

I’m starting to notice these all over the city. This one is from Capital Hill but I just saw a bigger version over in Mt. Pleasant. I wonder if the artist is local? I like how the one above looks in the middle of all the ivy.

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  • the neighborhood is capitol hill, not capital hill. 🙂

  • There was a pop can artist who sold his stuff at Eastern Market that looked very similar to this.

  • I love all of these posts from my neighborhood!

    Anyway, I love this one. I don’t have a yard, but if/when I do, I’d love something similar. Perhaps I will check out the guy at Eastern Market to get something like this for my parents; they would love it.

  • We have one of these (a large rooster), bought from Miss Pixie’s. I’m pretty sure they’re imported from Mexico. That’s not to say there might be a local artist making similar pieces, but I recently saw one very similar in a popular retail chain store (I forget which one exactly) and they’re coming from Mexico.

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