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  • Comment re: regular menu only. Have been twice for dinner.

    First visit, had the mussels. Very tasty.

    Second visit, during random Saturday night U St. blackout (only Ben’s Chili Bowl had power, proving again that the establishment has some sort of divine connection … or a generator). Anyway, date and I each ordered a pizza and were going to split a salad. Power goes out. Waiter tells us that one pizza made it in the oven right before the outage so it’ll be served, the other no. Salad obviously not a problem. So, we split both and they were really, really good. The service was wonderful and the outside patio is great.

    So, two thumbs up from me. Great pizza for a place that also has a fairly extensive menu of other entrees. I’ll definitely be back.

  • I’ve been there several times and always had a good meal.

    Dinner/Regular Menu: It is great to see a sit down restaurant on U Street that is pretty cool but not so overly trendy and expensive that you can only go there on a special occasion. The menu is reasonably priced and everything I’ve had (from pizzas to burgers to calamari appetizers) has been very good.

    Brunch: I ordered the pizza for brunch, so it was very similar to the dinner experience, however, I did get to have bites of my friend’s omlette and it was GOOD. The eggs were done perfectly and were seasoned just right. I have to say that ordering the pure breakfast stuff would be the way to go here.

    This is definitely the kind of spot I am glad to have in the neighborhood. It’s a reliable, affordable place to get a great meal or grab a few drinks.

  • The pizza bread served complimentary is a great touch. Had the crab cake sandwich, which had wonderful flavor. And the fries are awesome!

  • On the regular menu i’d recommend the mussels and the tuna tartare apps, and the short rib entree.

  • I go here a lot. It’s exactly what I want in a “neighborhood” restaurant. Not too pricey, big selection, and everything comes out tasting good.

    My one knock on it is that they either have a ridiculously large staff or it turns over very fast. Never see the same people there, which makes service quality very inconsistent.

    Being able to walk to places like this that is why I can’t move to the suburbs.

  • This is a business model that needs to be replicated throughout DC…enough tapas, wine bars, and fussy food already…a neighborhood joint with tasty, reasonably-priced food and good service should not be such a rarity in this city…

  • Decent but not awesome.

    I’ve been there for weekday lunch several times. Something changed in the menu somewhere between year 1 and year 2, and the menu downshifted quality-wise. An excellent sesame-tuna salad became an unwieldy and untasty mix-your-own-salad mess. Other items also changed for the worse.

    But it’s pretty reliable, when you find the menu items you like. Nothing to brag about, but nothing much to complain about.

    • I agree that there was a change in the quality. I find the food much saltier now than before (and therefore less appealing).

  • get a delicious juicy burger while sitting at the bar downstairs and let the crotchety old lady bartender amuse you. dinner and a show!

  • food is pretty good. waitresses consistently snooty.

  • The happy hour here is solid. The apps on the hh menu are very solid. I’ve always found the bartenders to be friendly and prompt.

  • Food was good the one time I went here, but the place was noisy. I would go elsewhere if I wanted an intimate dinner.

  • I gotta give it thumbs down. I’ve been twice and each time didn’t have anything that was better than mediocre, and had one item (hard to recall, maybe crabcake?) which was downright bad. And the atmosphere couldn’t be more unimaginative / generic if it tried. I feel like they need to pick one food niche and do it great; the menu has no real theme or uniting culinary style and it shows. There are definitely a number of other places in the U Street area that I much prefer.

  • Love Ulah. As another commenter said, it’s a model that needs to be replicated. Neighborhood joint, some solid options across the board, very reasonable prices. There are so few restaurants in DC that are reasonably priced, the food is decent, and they’re nice enough that you actually want to eat there.

    It’s great when you don’t feel like cooking, but don’t want drop a mint. Well prepared American food that won’t break the bank.

  • We have been to Ulah twice for lunch, and over a dozen times for dinner. It’s a block and a half away from where we live and quite convenient.

    The most successful dishes tend to be sandwiches (hamburger, steak sandwich, tuna) with fries. Crab cakes are also good. The more elaborate dishes are less likely to be successful; my one dud dinner was the time I chose the three-course special offered on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Our biggest problem with Ulah is the noise level: the lower level of the restaurant is loud; the din on the upper level can become unbearable. It would be nice if there were a reasonably quiet restaurant on U St. besides Sala Thai.

  • I broke a 6 month vegan diet on Super Bowl Sunday to order buffalo wings from Ulah. They were totally worth it.

  • Pretty solid food for reasonable prices which makes it a good neighborhood spot. Super noisy however! My friend and I had to lean over our small 2-top table to hear each other speak (but this was on a friday night around 8pm, maybe more chill on a week night).

  • I’m not with the massive influx of Euro’s running the service industry, which is what this place is. Everyone’s name is Olga.

    The food is good, but I don’t go here.

    Plus, Candace, my favorite Bartender, no longer works there, but over at Ben’s Next Door. They get my business.

  • Not a fan of the burger, but like everyone else says, it’s a great neighborhood joint that is reasonably priced with no pretension.

  • My wife and I live around the corner from Ulah and go there probably once every 1-2 wks. It is our standard wanna grab a quick reliably good dinner joint. Having become regulars, the owner, Mo, and the staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating. Mo also owns Stoney’s on P St. and Tunecliff’s (spelling?) on Capitol Hill. We often get the burgers, which are great. The tuna tartar is wonderful too. I’ve had the pork chop a couple times – really nice. They do bistro fare — burgers, steaks, fish, pizzas, salads — very well. Don’t go there and order pasta for example. It really is the perfect neighborhood joint. Whoever said this needs to be replicated all over the city is right on.

  • For bacon-lovers, the mac-n-cheese rocks.

  • Best spot ever. Food is great. Service great. Drinks strong. Rock and roll

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