Judging Restaurants – Mie N Yu

Mie N Yu is located at 3125 M Street, NW. Their Web site says:

“Executive Chef Tim Miller has a passion for being true to ethnic cuisines from cultures along the ancient Silk Road. After all chef Miller is not only trained in Culinary Arts, but is an Anthropology major as well. Just like the American story, the Silk Road was, and is, a fusion of cultures. For a chef and anthropologist, exploring the cuisines and cultures of the Silk Road represent endless possibilities.

Mie N Yu partners with local farmers to bring the best that the region has to offer in meats, seafood, dairy, and produce.”

You can see their menus here. Any fans?

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  • Love the food, drinks, ambiance. Hate the location and I can’t afford it, though.

  • Extremely overpriced but the best decor of any restaurant in the city.

  • I really enjoy the food here and the cozy bar area. That said, I rarely go there since Georgetown is not my scene.

  • I’d love to tell you how it is, but they’re on the boycott list both for being in Georgetown and having an atrocious name. I’m surprised it’s not a Thai restaurant with a name like that.

  • they suck, all “atmosphere” while the food is crappy and overpriced.

  • Great atmosphere, decent enough – but expensive drinks, atrocious food. Go for a drink or two then stop next door at Miss Saigon for appropriatly priced bad Asian food.

  • Some of the best bathrooms in town.

    The food’s ok but overpriced. Their “signature” appetizer used to be Banana Pesto Hummus. It tasted exactly as revolting as it sounds. Looks like they’ve taken it off the menu.

  • I’ve never set foot inside — between the super-precious name and the location in Popped Collar Central, I always assumed that that place was a tad too twee for my plebian tastes.

    Which makes this comment absolutely worthless as a review. But now that I think on it, Tad Too Twee would be the perfect name for a sister establishment. Maybe it should be Tad Two Twee instead.

  • I’ve been there once.

    Like everyone else, I love the atmosphere and the food is great but it is extremely overpriced.

    Add to that the location of being in Georgetown, where parking is terrible and it isn’t metro accessible, and you can understand why I haven’t been back.

  • Decor & bathroom are great. The food is meh and not worth the price.

  • Had a lovely brunch there about 2 years ago, but I haven’t been back because the location is so awful.

  • It must be doing poorly because they have come out with great incentives lately. The Restaurant Week special was great, with enormous portions. I wouldn’t recommend paying full price, but next time you see a special, take it.

  • Went there during restaurant week last year. I don’t remember the food but I remember having a great time. I would go back!

  • love the food, decor and ambiance.

    it’s a little overpriced for what it is, but perfect for date night

  • Their brunch is good and reasonably priced.
    But evening is definitely “Tad Too Twee” (love that phrase!)

  • Happy hour specials are pretty good, especially for food, but my HH experience was overshadowed. My wallet was pulled from my purse hanging on the back of my bar stool (be careful and conscious of your belongings anywhere, obviously) by a robber who clearly had experience as he was able to get to 2 safeways and target in Columbia Heights in under 45 minutes.

    Mie n Yu’s management was nice and called the police, but the bartender was a total jerk. My tab was 1 glass of wine and 1 app for $10, and despite knowing I had just gotten robbed, he shoved the tab in my face and was a complete jerk about it. I didn’t even know what to do as i was obviously frantic about my wallet! It really soured me on their wait staff. (FYI i borrowed cash from a friend to pay, but I just thought his behavior was weird).

    Moral: just be careful about putting your purse on the back of your chair – anywhere.

  • i agree that this place can be pricey – you’re really paying for the atmosphere. they’ve actually done better on price points lately with their blind tiger menu. it’s only $25 for three courses.. me like!

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