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  • The wild mushrooms are amazing! So is the octopus. If possible get a seat infront of the kitchen to watch everything prepared and you’ll start saying ‘i want one of those, and those, and those…”

  • Been twice and love it. Ordered little sandwiches, meat, cheese, grilled octopus. Good drinks; wine and “wineskin” cocktails. Did not go during peak hours – guessing it’s a disaster. I would go back again.

  • The halibut is delish.

  • Octopus, country bread with olive oil and tomatoes. Cocktails are very small, but fantastic. Your bill will be +/- $30 with this order (one cocktail) and you’ll leave with just enough food in your belly and the lightest of buzzes.

  • I’m a foodie– this place is overrated. Insanely expensive for the quality of food they dish out. Drinks are also expensive. I would stay away for now.

  • This place is delish! Of course, we waited forever on a Friday night, but it was great. The slushies were tasty, but I preferred the sangria. We had a lot of things, but the standouts were the heirloom tomato salad, the croquettes (mushroom or ham) and the Octopus.

  • The halibut was perfect; I think the quince slushie really did stand out, as did the service — management and servers were quality, and great vibe!

  • The food and service are amazing, but the drinks are a little skimpy for the price. and, I can only afford to go on special occasions.

  • Drinks are expensive and small and the bartender looked at his blackberry for 20 seconds in the middle of us giving him our order and said, “oh i was just checking the time b/c the kitchen is closing soon.” Right. Jerkface. He also made sure to satiate himself before us (ie, pouring himself a drink and drinking it before fixing ours, eating in front of us while our cheese plate stared at us from the meat and cheese station, and spilling campari that he neglected to clean up that nearly got all over our cheese plate that someone else finally delivered, and lastly squirting club soda and vodka out of the glass and into my hair and lauging instead of apologizing). ALL THAT ASIDE, another bartender took over for the idiot and the food truly was phenomenal. We had the torta, cheese plate, olives, duck, chicken, and the chocolate cherry bread pudding and it was delish. So, all in all, I give it a 7 out of 10, and with time and less Jersey Shore-looking douches behind the bar it could be better. Oh, and there were no descriptions of the food, which made it a little difficult to pick out food quickly in the thirty minutes we had before the kitchen closed and trying to deliver our order to an insincere bartender.

    • That’s “FEWER Jersey Shore-looking douches behind the bar.” If you’re going to insult people, at least use the English language correctly when you do it. Thank you for your attention.

  • Went there for late snack after Columbia Heights Day shenanigans and had a great time! My date had one of the slushitos, the pink one with basil, and it was fabulous! It was a little pricey, but it was totally worth it. I have the feeling they were more potent than they tasted, its one of those kind of drinks where you don’t really taste the alcohol at all but you definitely feel a buzz. I had the Dublin Dr. Pepper and we ordered manchengo and chorizo bites (only $1.50 a pop) and the mushroom croquetas, which came on an extra tasty bed of greens. With our waiters suggestion we ordered the steak to split and it came out perfectly medium rare. We sat right in front of the kitchen and saw the chefs prepare our meal, also saw them making Patatas Diablos – we decided we HAD to come back and get those and try more on the menu. We got out of there for under $50, totally worth it.

  • Nothing special. Went there with 2 friends on a Saturday and sampled a variety of their dishes. Best dishes we had were the charcuterie (Jambone and chorizo)and the grilled shrimp, nothing else on the menu really stood out. For the $140+ we spent I feel that there are better places in DC serving this style of food (e.g. Jaleo). As for the drinks I was disappointed. The “slushitos” (esp. the one with quince) had some interesting flavor notes, but cons–small pour for $, and a cheesy use of a slurpee machine (the constant churning really water downs the drink, couldn’t they have just used a ice shaving machine to create some fine grade slushed ice?) out-weighed the pros. I was surprised by the overall lack of creativity of the drink menu considering some of the names associated with the restaurant. The only drink that was “fun” was a concoction of wine and soda that was served in a plant watering can type of vesicle in which you poured the potable from the spout directly into your mouth (looked like this would be a big hit for the “girls-night-bday-celebration” crowd). All-in-all bot worth a second trip considering the “hordes” that have descended on the place making the wait for a table extensive.

  • When the $9 “adult” slushie arrived in child-sized cup…I was a bit disappointed. But it was pretty damn delicious, and the booze they packed into it helped soothe the $20+ two-drink bill. But still…it’s a bit overpriced.

  • They’ve got a sherry float with carmelized pumpkin seeds (or something like that) that’s pretty amazing. Flavors I’d never have imagined combining, but sublime.

  • My buddy Chris is a bartender there (not the one described above) so I am biased. And somewhat knowledgeable. I’ve been there a few times and enjoyed it. He enjoys it and likes the staff, which bodes well. It seems you can always get a seat at the bar before about 7. It’s a tapas joint so I don’t feel too stupid saying the olives are particularly good. I prefer the amber/whiskey slushito. Btw, I’ve watched a good bit of the slushito rigmarole and the bartenders say the price makes it almost worth it. The ingredients are fresh and they’re a lot of work. Love the vintage Spanish soccer.

  • Was just there yesterday and I love this place. Love the drinks and the staff. The slushies are fantastic, though I prefer the scotch over the gin, and after packing a few of those time to start porron. Yes, it’s a little messy, but so much fun. The other drink that kicks ass is the Reir, sweet and salty and citrusy… mmm. Also, there was a drink with infused tarragon, I can’t recall which one, that was great.

    Food-wise, the squash blossoms and the sweatbreads are my favorite. Had the little blood sausage “sliders” with cheese last night and would recommend those as well. The shrimp is good. They just changed the peppers to my disappointment. The previous peppers were hot, the new peppers are too tame.

  • If you’re going to do the over-priced small plate thing, I think Masa14 up the street is better.

  • enjoyable, though the tiny sized drinks are laughable. The slushies were fine, though i wouldn’t order again. The service was slow and I probably wouldn’t have minded as much if I had a normal sized beverage instead of a mini beer! My friend’s wallet was stolen out of her purse while we were dining. Though it’s not the restaurant’s fault, they gave us a bottle of wine while we waited for the police to arrive so we could report it.

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