Judging New Buildings and Renderings – 3577 Warder St, NW

I’ve been getting lots of emails from readers about this one but I wanted the building to progress a bit. I was really surprised to see how tall it is. This is of course the Redstone condo project located at 3577 Warder St, NW across from the Bruce-Monroe Elementary School and Park View Rec Center.

Here’s the rendering:

I think I’ve said it before but I’m glad it’s gonna break up the yellow theme a bit. You guys like the rendering?

Below is a closeup at the moment. More photos as progress continues.

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  • Hate it. 1950s Dentist office.

  • Looks nice. Serpentine window wrap lends interest to the corner. I wish they had some interest on the roofline, though: most buildings just look unfinished without something there.

  • I don’t understand why the developers of this building feel they need reserved off-street parking, and, if they determined it necessary, why they didn’t get permits for the curb cut they’re very clearly planning.

  • looks like the building going next to the Lacy

  • I actually like the rendering for this building. However it is sandwiched inbetween two of the ugliest condo buildings I have ever seen in my life. As for the curb cut it should be officially denied to make an example of them. If the city ends up caving to them in the end it would set a precedent for developers just starting buildings with the assumption that once complete the city will feel obligated to approve the curb cut.

  • Yes, I said it! Park View is normally quite hideous, so this will give it a bit more character.

  • I’m sick of the brick style with metal frame windows. Doesn’t anyone have any artistic talent anymore?

  • Despite the captcha I got, “wimpy homes”, I love it. I love the corner windows and the juliet balconies. I wonder what the penthouse will look from the inside. Looks like 20′ ceilings at the front.

  • Jesus, what is with all the narrow and tall buildings lately?

  • Glad to see something other than a Wardman-style rowhouse going into Park View – while I like my neighborhood, I also welcome some architectural variety. I’ve seen more attractive buildings, but this one is definitely better than an attempt to build a new version of an old style of building.

    Anyone buying one of those condos should be aware that street parking is plentiful – don’t bother to shell out for a parking space when you buy a condo. Anyone building a condo should know better than to put in a curb cut without a permit. Didn’t this site get multiple stop work orders for improper permitting?

  • Yikes,

    Do not want. I think it will look better IRL than on the rendering though.

  • Park View is a lovely, unusual gem in this city. Keep your nasty comments to yourselves.

  • The window wrap makes the building look like it’s moving, which is not an illusion you want to give a building. Yikes. Thumbs down.

  • With an entrance set far back down the drive (a mugger-friendly set up if you ask me) and a lack of first floor presence, the design of the building fails to respect and contribute to the street. As to the absurd aesthetic, give it two or three years and its now fresh look will turn embarassing.

  • We will call it “Ugly Condo Block” and it will fester for 30 years.

  • individually those buildings are just ugly but next to each other they are hilarious. it’s like the three buildings are all in on the same joke.

    the i used to be a single family house but now I accommodate 4 popup, the “design” with blinders and the Scandinavian slum.


  • This is our listing. Hardhat tours will begin sometime in September. The units are going to be very nicely finished. It’s a good value for the price point.

    • it sure doesn’t look like it fits into the urban fabric of the neighborhood. to be a little provocative, would you want to see something like this breaking up one of the nice blocks in bloomingdale?

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