Judging Buildings – 8th St, NE

Looks like the new building on the 600 block of 8th St, NE is about finished. It’s on a block of traditional row homes. Overall would you say thumbs up or down?

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  • I live in this neighborhood, very near here, and walk by this new building almost daily. I’m torn on it. On one hand, I really do like the way it looks. However, in the context of this neighborhood, I really don’t like it. It just doesn’t fit in. I’m sure had it been one block south, and technically in the Capitol Hill historic district, it never would have been built.

  • I think it’s out of place and somewhat unwelcome in the neighborhood. It’s a decent looking building for it’s type, but there are better neighborhoods for modern architecture than this one.

  • the worst part of this building are the lights.

  • thumbs down. looks like a row of dentists’ offices. zero attempt to fit into the existing fabric of the neighborhood.

    I know it’s not cost effective to build a traditional stone rowhouse, but at least put *some* effort into it, modeling after the older buildings, even if it has a modern flair… no such luck these days.

  • saf

    Not really traditional, eh?

  • Totally hideous.

    Even the contractor who built it told us that he hates it. He tried really hard to convince the owners to use red brick just to make it a little better, but they refused.

    If you want a better story — how about asking what chance they have of getting the 1.3 million they want for each of the three penthouse units (not even counting the $600 per month condo fee!).

  • First time I passed I just felt sad, hopeless and depressed. The steps and “porches” are stingy and useless. No engagement with the street – no stooping possible. Why live in the city when you can’t engage the city? I thought – how cool if that were one broad communal deck the whole length of the building – or at least steps broad enough to hang out on?

    Modern or traditional facades – brick – or whatever – doesn’t matter if well done, but overall design does. This just screeches bad.

  • Not really my cup of tea, but it fits in a lot better than the late 1960’s/early 1970’s church that it replaced.

  • Reminds me of those couple modern and blue row houses in Logan on Rhode Island near 14th. It just doesn’t fit the neighborhoods.

  • I agree that red brick would be better.
    I like windows though. Can’t stand typical tunnel-like deep and narrow DC TH’s. I like natural light and better airflow, although you sacrifice privacy and quiet.

  • I’m just glad they finally finished the thing. it’s been under construction for the 3 years I’ve lived near there.

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