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  • Not too bad, although there is something weird/incongruous about the door leading to the balcony, or really the whole balcony area..

  • i think it looks odd, and it towers over the neighboring building. It would be interesting to see this building with the surrounding context. The front of the building looks like the rear of a building for some reason. The two story bay seems squat and just not in scale with the rest of the building. A three story bay might have looked better. It would probably look better if the metal grid separating the lights in the large windows were smaller and sleeker, you lose so much glass the way it is now. Too much masonry on the front, could have have bigger windows on the face of the building as well.

  • I think its a nice addition to the block.

  • I’m just glad the building has windows on the side overlooking the alley — and quite a few. Never understand why so many buildings have large expanses of walls with no windows. Even if you look into a neighboring building, I’d rather have the light!

    • Generally, i dont think they can have windows on the side in case of future development next door. Since this is next to an alley, it is unlikely another structure would be built next door. Am I right or just pulling shit from thin air?

  • the balcony door needs to be black

  • On behalf of ficus trees, I endorse the blocky bay windows. As a human, though, I think it looks ugly.

    Too clever, architect. Not everything needs to look like your sleek blocky eyewear.

  • I’m impressed. I remember the wreck of a structure that was there before, and this is a huge improvement, obviously. But I also think it works well with the big rather industrial-looking condo building to the south. The immediate neighborhood has quite a number of these small condo projects.

  • I like the bays – reminds me of Abdo’s windows on an early project he did on P St between 15th and 16th.

  • I think this building is just what the block/neighborhood needs. It’s a traditional structure with contemporary flair. And its nice to see a condo development that maximizes natural light/windows and living space. Instead of putting balconies on every level they gave the first 2 levels functional living space with flooor to ceiling windows. I think the black windows are pretty cool.

  • I love all the windows! These condos will have so much natural light! Beautiful.

  • It’s a little bit too tall for the neighborhood, and not the most finessed exterior I’ve ever seen. There are some really innovative buildings over here, and I would have rather seen something more interesting and less suburban. That said, as a condo owner on the street, I like it much better than an empty lot that was there before. The interiors seem well designed and appointed, but there are VERY small bedrooms. The killer unit will be the 2-story penthouse with 4, count ’em 4, balconies and terraces. Awesome for whoever lives there. Don’t know the prices yet, but hope they sell quickly.

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