Judging Buildings – 11th and W St, NW

We’ve judged the modern building on the right before (which pretty much gets a love/hate reaction from readers and is often referenced when judging new buildings in the neighborhood) but I wanted to point out that the small home right next door is getting totally renovated. The outside used to be white vinyl and is now red brick. You like the look?

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  • Not a very typical look for DC, but I really like it. It looks a little more ‘annapolis’ than DC to me, but thats what is great about that neighborhood above U street -the mix of styles: old with new.

  • Like it. The old siding looked like crap. Apparently most people agreed, since it was on the market forever.

  • i love the building on the corner, it is a very nice modern house.

  • I run by this everyday and I love what they are doing to this little house. I also love the house on the corner. Its what I love about the neighborhood, the old and new.

  • Like them both. Although I’m not sure I want to see the whole city go modern.

  • I’ve always wondered this now that you bring it up – Why on earth would anyone install vinyl over a nice brick facade?!? I see it up and down my street…

    • it requires no maintenance.

      back in the day, when dc was falling apart, you wanted to get away with as little money spent of real estate as possible. especially for rental properties.

    • See the movie Tin Men. Set in Baltimore, but pretty much the same idea (it was actually based on Formstone salesmen).

  • I live just north and west of this neighborhood, and I walk my dogs down there all the time. This particular neighborhood nook should have its own name…The area north of U Street, west of Sherman, south of Florida, and east of 14th. In my 15 years of living in the greater U Street neighborhood, this nook has experienced change at break-neck speed. The opening of the U St./Cordozo Metro station, followed by the Lincoln condos and Harrison Square developments, have led to amazing things.

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