Judging Additions – Bread for the City Building

“Dear PoP,

Bread for the City Expansion/addition on 7th Street NW by Wiebenson and Dorman Architects. What do you think? What do the readers think? This picture was taken last week.”

Here’s what it looked like back in March.

I think it looks awesome! Big thumbs up. What do you guys think?

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  • looks fancy.

    I wonder if they have artisan breads?

  • No, just the mass produced stuff.

  • Looks great! Although I wish the roof of the new building better matched the original structure, it still works together nicely.

  • Sleek but not overdone. I like it.

  • I like the juxtaposition of the contemporary next to the historic. A building that I believe is on the historic register should have a connection that is sensitive and not overbearing. Members of the community are really going to be treated well to some good architecture and a great organization’s health services.

  • Great organization. Miss the community garden though that was there before the expansion though.

  • Great update of a historic building. Modern and stylish but not out of place.

  • The picture doesn’t show what I think is also a great detail which is the side of the building facing South which features part of the name and logo designed in brick on the side. Very cool.

  • I live right by the construction site, and i’ll never forget the first morning of construction… it was 7am, and there was a jackhammer going for about 5 minutes, and it suddenly stops and you hear this booming voice “Hey, Jack, did you know there was CONCRETE Under here?”

  • Looks great.

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