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  • Sad loss of a grand single family home.

  • but the very high cost of urban construction compels few options.

  • There’s a Capital City Real Estate project on Holmead that looks semi-abandoned midway through a basement digout. Are they still a going concern? Also, did they intentionally misspell \Capital\ in their name?

    • See Anonymous comment below regarding the name – also Holmead is under construction, it was an abandoned project before Capital City bought it.

  • Capitol is a noun; the word describes the Capitol Building itself.

    Capital can be a noun describing a nation’s capital. In the name Capital City anything as the nomenclature is common here, Capital it is an adjective and is correctly spelled in Capital City Development or Capital City Real Estate.

    An old and well established local building and janitorial supply company “Capitol Building Supply” has a unique name and its spelling is correctly spelled with its logo being the Capitol dome.

  • A shame to subdivide it. The house wasn’t that enormous — 4 condos will be very tight. The basement was quite dark too. The asking price was only $850 as I recall — too bad no single person or couple wanted it!

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