Huge Geyser at 14th and Euclid St, NW

A reader sends in the above photo around 9am 8:15am and notes that police are on the scene at 14th and Euclid St, NW. Though he didn’t see work crews on the scene yet. If you’re commuting downtown, might want to steer clear of this section of 14th St for the moment.

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  • Its a few days late – they already put out those moped fires.

  • If you’re commuting downtown, you might want to take your eyes off your smartphone and watch the road in front of you.

  • Cool. I love living here! I saw water flowing over the asphalt at that intersection last weekend.

  • What was wrong with the water over at Woodley park this week? I heard people were not supposed to drink water up there.

  • I came down on the 52 around 9:20 and didn’t see any problem or feel any delays.

    • Bear

      I came down on the 53 right about 9:00, and I didn’t notice anything either. Of course, I was staring in awe/disgust at the woman across from me cleaning her ear out…with her dreadlock.

  • Last night at about 9pm there was a work truck there and 2 workmen looking at that manhole and water was shooting about 2 feet up. Guess it got worse.

  • All gone now, just walked past there.

  • In CH, I had trouble getting hot water at 7:30/45ish this morning. I thought it might have be related to the Adams Morgan, but perhaps something was abrewin’

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