Huge Renovation Restarts in Shaw

This great building is located on Q St, NW just east of 7th. Work had started a long time ago but then abruptly stopped. Looks like they’re back on track. I had no idea they were putting such a huge addition on the back. Fortunately it looks like they’ve been able to save the facade. It looks like the pop up will blend in rather well. I’ll be sure to update as construction progresses.

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  • How did they get approval for that? That clearly occupies more than the maximum permitted lot space!

  • The roof deck owners next door are ticked off I’ll bet!

  • This building is C2A, which means you can cover 60% of the lot. However, in the listing for this (it sold a few months ago for $575k) it mentioned that the building came with two adjacent lots. I think they’re directly behind it, but it looked at it was tough to tell what they were referring to. In any case, if these were included in the lot calculation, this building may very well be within the 60%.

    I’m almost positive C2A has no parking requirement, so this may be more than 4 units.

  • After getting a stop work order for not having the correct permits, the construction began again and I believe this building is on its way to becoming a 4 unit apartment building…

  • I love how it takes these people “a few months” to pull off something like this on an investment property when it took me 2 full YEARS to get the permits to out a deck on the back of my house (which didn’t even exceed the 60% lot occupancy rule!).
    Bottom line – this is why DCRA needs some serious revision. In the meantime, we just have to find the right permit expeditor to get the job done.

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