Huge Fight Friday Night at Gallery Place, L’Enfant Plaza Metro Stations

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

In what is becoming a horrible theme, I’ve again woken up to emails about a disturbing Friday evening crime incident. The Washington Post reports:

“At least four people were injured and three arrested late Friday night after a brawl in the Metro system involving as many as 70 people, a Metro spokeswoman said.

The brawl apparently began about 11 p.m. at the Gallery Place station and then continued in the L’Enfant Plaza station, according to Metro spokeswoman Cathy Asato.

She said two persons under 18 were arrested along with one adult.”

DCFireems twitter feed had indicated a shooting at the Anacostia metro but later retracted it saying:

“Update – Anacostia Metro – NOT a shooting, however related to L’Enfant Plz incident”. Though it appears there was also an incident of some sort at the Anacostia Metro station.

For those following @dcfireems on twitter this has to be one of their more disturbing tweets from last night,

“Update – L’Enfant Plaza Metro SW – EMS treating at least 7 patients – Mass Casualty Task Force requested”

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  • So glad we decided to drive to dinner last night!

  • Were there last night. Fight started outside north entrance to metro station. Large group (at least 50-60) juveniles at the time, most just watching and egging each other on. Looked like just some pushing and shoving. A few officers (either metro or MPD) stood in front of the AT&T store and watched as the hoard went down the escalators into the metro system. We pushed our way through the crowd to get to the red line. Crowd followed behind. All jumped the fare gates or followed behind people. I shoved a kid back to make him pay. Now I’m feeling lucky I didn’t get thrown in with the rest of the mess.

    You could hear the rest of the commotion on the green line platform from the red line. Not shocking to hear what happened. MPD needs a larger presence at Gallery Place. It’s a real shame that what is supposed to be an example of how the city has improved over the past 10-15 years is allowed to turn more and more into juvenile chaos.

  • bystander, fyi Metro is patrolled by WMATA police, not MPD. There’s a longstanding jurisdictional dispute between the two departments and they generally often try not to help each other. MPD is not welcome by WMATA police in the Metro system, and vice versa for WMATA police outside WMATA areas. The punchline is that WMATA police have at max 420 officers, of which about 100 are on actual patrol at any time. These 100 officers cover the entire enormous Metro system and occasionally buses, and parking lots, buildings, etc. So, there’s basically very little WMATA police presence at any time, and these brawl events are pretty common. I don’t remember any being this big though. The whole deal is another reminder of how pathetic law enforcement is in DC.

    • I realize the jurisdictional dispute, but we saw the start of the brawl. It began on h street and 7th off of metro property. The news stories are saying it started in the metro. That’s just plain wrong.

      • Well, MPD did their job by moving the crowd along into the Metro, where WMATA PD didn’t have enough personnel to do much. Victory for MPD!! And the kids are all resting up today for a replay tonight I am sure, so watch yourselves if you’re down there tonight.

  • A fight at Ghetto-y Place? Gee, that’s a shocker. Like many a suburban shopping mall before it, the packs of feral teenagers will eventually drive away all the paying customers.

    • Right, because it’s a bunch of white kids fighting down there. I’m sure you’re picturing it that way in your feeble mind.

      • The responder’s point was that having a brawl on a subway has nothing to do with living in a ghetto. It’s not like the commenter personally verified the socioeconomic status of every kid in the brawl before making his/her overgeneralization. Just like you can’t prove that not one white person was involved.

  • I’m sorry to sound cold but if they don’t do something to get a handle on these little bastards we’re going to have a really violent bloody confrontation inside of a moving train and then everyone will be pointing the finger.

  • Hey, these are good kids. They just need some love and support. But they definitely should not be punished. What kind of harsh message would that send?

  • I’m sure Jim Graham will be right behind to build more Section 8 housing in Columbia Heights so these young thugs have a comfortable place to live.

  • Ever since the Union Station movie theater closed Gallery Place has turned into a dump.

    The area needs a Business Improvement District (headed by the owner of Verizon Center) ASAP to keep it from getting worse.

    We, the taxpayers of DC, have invested too much money in this area (and giveaways to the owner of Verizon Center) to lose it to thugs from PG County.

    • Do you know anything about pg county? You sound like an imbecile. I grew up in pg and trust me I don’t have a clue why you think the perpetrators of this fight were from my home county. Care to explain?

    • The area around Chinatown ALREADY has a BID – oh but you would not know so let me enlighten you. As for the PG comment – well not too much to say the except that you sound like someone who does not get outside of their little NW cocoon to experience anything beyond a 5 block radious. Get a life and get a map!

  • I can’t believe it took this long for something like this to happen. The area around Verizon Center is a war zone on weekends, and the cops pretty much do nothing about it.

  • And another one…

    Isn’t there an anti-loitering provision somewhere on the books? If so, why isn’t this being enforced to clean up the trash that seems to migrate to an area of the city which is struggling to maintain a comeback?

    What other legal measures could be done to remove the crazed homeless population and young thugs that have decided to make this their hotspot? Certainly other areas of the city have gone through this “transitional phase”… what worked for them?

  • And another one…

    What enforcement measures (anti-loitering, curfew, etc.) can be pushed to remove the young thugs and crazed homeless that have decided to call this area of the city the new hotspot…

    Certainly in the past, other areas of the city have gone through this “transitional period”…

    • That incident happened Thursday morning and was completely unrelated to Friday night’s fracas. Involved a mentally disturbed woman randomly stabbing an NPR intern.

    • The city council voted against any loitering law last year, and generally no law enforcement applies until the first punch is thrown (or shot fired, etc). Verbal death threats and threats of violence are already illegal, as is harassment and other aspects of violent and/or mob behavior, but these laws are generally not enforced in most of the city. In general, DC has a unique approach to law enforcement which I would fail to adequately describe. I guess the only consolation is that the perpetrators of violence live generally short and nasty lives, but they certainly adversely impact the rest of us in the process. If you want a more proactive police force, Virginia and Maryland (in that order) interpret law enforcement much differently (and overall more effectively, in my opinion) than DC does. Yesterdays quadruple murder in PG notwithstanding of course.

      As a citizen you have almost zero power to influence this, though note this is an election year and the chair of the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary (Phil Mendelson) is up for reelection this year. None of his opponents have really made a strong plank of criminal justice in their platforms, however.

  • i’d settle for the national guard.

    • Been there – done that. I remember some really hot/violent summer nights in the ’90’s when National Guard Humvees would park in particularly bad spots [like the corner of 17th and Euclid] and run giant stadium light towers/generators all night. I guess now MPD has their own light towers, but those Humvees and troops really made a presence.

  • A couple of months ago I email PoP about a brawl in Chinatown. Judging from comments to his post I realized that it was a usual scene in CT on weekend. Ever since then I haven’t set foot there. Last week I took my nieces to the movies and we went to Georgetown instead. No urban primates there.

    • urban primates? you mean like monkeys? wow. thats not ok.

      Glad you found G’town to be criminal free – I find there to be a shocking level of uncomfortableness there nowadays.

  • Diffuse Teenage Anger will exist so long as Yuppie Urban gentrifier Racism exists. So why don’t some of you deal with the shit in your own house?

    • Oh please do explain yourself further! Young white professionals cause massive brawls among DC youth how? I gotta hear this…

      • Young (black, latino, native american, asian, international) professionals don’t cause massive brawls among DC youth either. Clarence’s point is that all teenagers (urban, suburban, rural) need positive outlets to blow off steam. If teenagers don’t have access to positive outlets, then chaos occurs. “Dehumanizing” attitudes towards DC youth by the “haves” doesn’t accomplish anything positive.

        • what positive outlets to blow off steam do they need that they don’t have access to?

        • What you’re saying is that kids need better government services in the form of rec centers, or perhaps better community activities organized in general by their parents or neighbors. Clarence is saying racism on the part of young working people causes these kids to hurt, maim, and kill. I like your theory, while Clarence will probably doom another couple generations to poverty and violence if he convinces them to blame a mysterious ‘other’ for community problems. And never mind that DC has been black run for decades at this point.

  • Cops and prison are not the solution to feral kids.

    The cost of adding one cop to the force is upwards of $150,000 annually. The cost for imprisoning a kid is more than $50,000 annually.

    Pre-puberty sex education and free contraceptives so that teen-agers don’t have kids they’re unprepared to raise: much cheaper. There’s no excuse for the USA to have a teen-pregnancy rate that’s 7 times higher than the Netherlands.

    Providing strong mentoring support to at-risk families, and high-quality early childhood education like Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone: a little pricier, but still cheaper than hiring enough cops (or prison guards) to forcibly restrain the kids. And immeasurably better for our society’s future.

    • Great, had we done that 20 years ago we’d be set. And, if we do more of that now, we’ll be set in another 15-20 years. What should we do about the kiddie thugs running much of the city today?

    • the reason that the Netherlands has a much lower teen pregnancy rate then the usa is b/c the united states has had a segment of the population that was brutalized by slavery for hundreds of years. the culture and family structured that was destroyed by this will take many decades to repair. its not an excuse just the reason.

      • I’m sorry – I’m PRETTY SURE the Dutch were, you know, colonizers. They are paying the price now. Read up.

      • There are hundreds of thousands of black families that go about their lives in a responsible and constructive way. Including one in the White House.

        There’s no race card to swipe here. These are individuals acting like animals.

      • the reason that the Netherlands has a much lower teen pregnancy rate then the usa is b/c the united states has had a segment of the population that was brutalized by slavery for hundreds of years. the culture and family structured that was destroyed by this will take many decades to repair. its not an excuse just the reason.

        It has been 145 years since the Civil War ended and there is an African American family in the White House.

    • Americans have plenty of access to sex education and contraception. What they need is LESS access to religion. The church reminds people every Sunday that even though your community is f’d up and you’re 14 and pregnant, god will take care of you, and abortion is murder. The church tells you Planned Parenthood is evil. What’s that you said about the Netherlands?

      • I can’t let this nonsense stand. Yes, get rid of religion, especially the kinds that tell you you should really make an effort to have two-parent homes. That’s clearly nuts. What this city needs is less parenting. Is that what you’re getting at? Get over your stoopid anti-religious prejudices and focus on the source of the problem.

  • come on, it’s just kids being kids. can’t deal with it, move back to the suburbs…

  • \thugs from PG County.\ Prince Georges County actually says the same thing about DC forcing crime out of DC and over their borders.

    Those who have been in DC a while will remember when there used to be \GoGos\ on GA avenue (at the Ibex and that hall name escapes me). Club U and and the space occupied by Nellys sports Bar used to host GoGos. There also used to be the Ritz Downtown (across from the FBI building) for kids to party in their ‘own space.’ Every one of those places have been shut and for the most part GoGos have been forced into Prince Georges county. I for the most part applauded those places closing. But now where do kids go when they don’t have car to drive to Waldorf?

    THIS IS NO EXCUSE FOR THE BEHAVIOR but this is why they are all in Gallery Place, central location cheap /free to get there.
    Why do the kids behave as they do – 75% f*&ked up parenting.

  • A solution would be to open a movie theater/mall in their own neighborhood so they stay the hell out of ours. If you can’t get rid of the vermin, at least you can lure them some place else with a little bait…Maybe there’s a spot along Benning Road that could do the trick…

  • Terms like “feral kids” and “vermin” dehumanize people. It’s hard to imagine people on this site using the same terms to talk about white kids misbehaving in the suburbs.

    It’s a shame the language of gentrification and unethical real estate agents apparently led a substantial number of genuinely racist people to believe that it was OK to move into the city. Certainly these kids are a problem, but some of you folks aren’t going to be happy until you’re in an all-white community. Which means you’re going to have to move.

    • I guess I am curious if you think violence is okay and permissible in the black communities of DC? Ie, why should only suburban communities be less violent? Why should DC be relatively extremely violent? Are blacks somehow condemned to live with such violence in their communities? Wouldn’t everyone be happier, no matter their skin color, if there was less violence in DC?

      Have you ever known or talked to victims of violent crimes or their families? Its rather heartbreaking, and the black victims I see don’t seem very happy with it.

    • maybe some day you’ll get some decent friends.

    • You’re wrong. Trash is trash, regardless of color.

    • “Terms like “feral kids” and “vermin” dehumanize people. It’s hard to imagine people on this site using the same terms to talk about white kids misbehaving in the suburbs.

      It’s a shame the language of gentrification and unethical real estate agents apparently led a substantial number of genuinely racist people to believe that it was OK to move into the city. Certainly these kids are a problem, but some of you folks aren’t going to be happy until you’re in an all-white community. Which means you’re going to have to move.”


  • That part of DC is nothing more than a shopping mall without a roof. Malls attract idle kids, especially malls that are well served by public transportation.

    Because of problems similar to those faced by the Verizon Center area, problems that caused a severe drop in business because people were afraid to shop there, many closed-roof malls have instituted rules that say kids under 18 can’t be in the mall on Friday and Saturday nights without a parent or guardian 21 years or older. The problems have disappeared, and business goes up.

    Sadly, because the violent teens are running around on public streets and not on private property, not a lot can be done about them.

    Sadly, because the violent teens who converge on the Verizon Center area are running around on public streets and not on private property, not a lot can be done apart from a massive influx of pro-active police, something DC seems unwilling to do.

  • None of this violence is good. I hate teenagers on the metro – of all colors and creeds. They’re just generally disrespectful, loud, and leave behind trash.

    However, I can’t stop them from existing.

    Solution? School all year round, 10PM curfew on weekends, and make the school day longer. If you get caught cutting school, punish the parents first, then the kids. Reward good behavior to create the environment (sort of like you do for dogs!).

    It’s just sad that our society has so many angry and alienated kids that even their own parents and neighbors are afraid to call them out/punish them.

  • Great analogy, \sort of like you do for dogs.\ 🙁

    Much of this discussion disgusts me, especially the rampant racism on this thread. I am so sad that people are intolerant and ignorant. There is definitely a problem to be resolved, but hideous stereotyping and degradation of young people and people who do not reside in some folks’ mythical Mayberry, doesn’t get to issues of poor public education, lack of services and entertainment in many parts of the city, and jurisdictional bullish!t among our many competing law enforcement branches.

    I am praying for us all. These are not easy problems to solve–otherwise we would have done it. Quit looking for platitudes and gimmicks and let’s be a city.

    • we spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out what makes non-humans acts the way we want. I have no problem doing this with children.

      There are plenty of studies about rewarding good behavior and taking the worst children out of the environment so that the rest of the kids can flourish.

      If cities don’t do something, expect this to be a weekly event.

    • What exactly is racist about using the term “feral” on a bunch of kids who got into a fight on the metro? Would you only be happy with “misunderstood” or maybe “future leaders of tomorrow who accidentally started throwing punches”.

      The fact that we cant criticize minority children for doing something that theyre not supposed to do, that is violent, and that is a detriment to society is ridiculous.

      Trust me, when white kids do stupid shit, I’ll criticize them too – what is it then? Anti-white?

  • The cries of racism here are ridiculous.

    If anyone of you yuppie losers who harbor white guilt actually left your group homes and actually talked to a black person once in awhile about issues in the community you’d probably change your mind. Many of the older blacks in DC disdain this garbage just as much as anyone else. I’ve lived in lower class white communities in my life and lower class black communities. In both there is a stark divide between the perpetrators and classy folks in the community who want a change but are often too intimidated to seek one. To assume all blacks harbor this behavior is underestimating the entire black community and constitutes the racism of low expectations.

  • All you people who are crying “racism” should have been there last night. I was and it was scary. Mobs of teenagers running down the metro escalators, pushing people aside to get in on the action. I was honestly terrified. Also, to note, I only saw 2 MPD officers there who followed the mob into the metro. And no, I’m not going to move to the suburbs. And it’s not just the kids. I had come from the movies where a black woman kept texting on her phone. Someone politely asked her to put it away because it was distracting and she threw a fit. It made everyone uncomfortable. Just yesterday, a black man said, “hey baby” to me and I ignored him. He then called me a “stupid, white bitch.” This behavior is disgusting. Maybe it is a race thing, maybe it’s not. Though, I think it is a lack of education and lower socio-economic status thing. Let’s just be real, here.

    • i dont think its racism we’re seeing on the blog but classism and in dc class and race are often the same.

      • actually we’re not judging people by their economic class or race at all. we’re judging individuals by disgusting, chaotic and violent public behavior.

        • I agree. The behavior is the problem. That such behavior is sometimes associated with a particular economic class or racial group is entirely secondary. If we were to attribute people’s behavior entirely to their social background, my wife would probably be a high-school dropout doing time for killing somebody.

      • +1

  • Correction: The Dutch did not colonize the Democratic Republic of Congo (or the other Congo). DRC was a Belgian colony. Actually Dutch colonies: Aruba, Indonesia, Suriname, and South Africa (before the British took over). And of course, there was New York City.

    As far as former European Empires go, I’d say their colonies have fared relatively better than others.

    Of course, I still have no idea what this has to do with a 70-person brawl at Gallery Place-Chinatown.

  • personal responsibility.

  • Send them all to boot camp, if they want to fight, at least they will learn how to be men when they do. Then they can go serve our and protect our country overseas.

  • Wow. Just wow.

  • I keep repeating: go to Africa or Jamaica. the number of idle young men will remind you of how it is in the States. Nothing good comes out of idle young men hanging around. Not working. Not being productive. Just making babies and making trouble.

    Even when there is no trouble in Chinatown, just pay attention at how NASTY it is down there. Trash from McD’s, Chipotle. Or look at the stairs across from Dunkin Donuts. Same thing. And if you don’t see the trash, the menacing young men with pants down below their waist or the very disrespectful women with kids as accessories, you WILL hear the crude language. It just isn’t inviting. If I were a business in Chinatown, I would be calling on the city to solve the problem by any means necessary.

    I remember having dinner @ Zaytinya. Young men were being chased by police up and down 9th St. Imagine that for ambience. This is why there are no businesses in their neighborhoods. And if the city doesn’t SOLVE the problem, there will be few businesses in Chinatown.

  • We were down at V Center a couple of weeks ago. Drinks at Zatinya afterwards. At the Gallery Place metro police had 15-20 young men handcuffed and sitting at the foot of the first set of escalators. Inside the station, lots of kids loitering, joshing, running up and down the stairs. The whole thing felt ripe for mischief. Very weird vibe.

    Seriously: juvenile activity in and around the Gallery Place station makes the environment feel highly volatile. It’s a blight on the area, and it makes no difference whose kids they are.

    The most incredible thing to me is they only arrested three people! There is no way they’d tolerate this kind of horseshit in Times Square on a regular basis. And I remember what Times Square used to be like. Heck, even DC will lock you up for no reason at all, if the G20’s in town:

    They need a more serious response.

  • Anyplace where there is a lot of foot traffic will be dirty I was just commenting to my wife about how dingy the sidewalks are on U street now.

    Why would a fight suddenly move into the metro? Is it POSSIBLE a bad group chased the other kids into the Metro and attacked. Some kids with good parents receive money from their parents to shop and go to the movies at Gallery Place and never cause any trouble. I was never a troublemaker but was taught to defend myself.

    There is nothing racist about not wanting crime, but you could not want crime and still be racist.
    \you WILL hear the crude language\ + black face = problematic
    \you WILL hear the crude language\ + white face drunk frat boy = not so bad?

    \kids as accessories\ this is quite a characterization from just an observation on the street, basically they don’t meet your helicopter parent standard.

    If you think about people like this you don’t think it comes across in the way you look (make eye contact) condescending stares and interact with them.

    • I have to agree with a couple of things here.
      I stopped going to Adams Morgan a long time ago, mainly because of all the ridiculous college students who got drunk and behaved badly there. I’m sure some folks agree. Would anyone call them feral? Or the kids in College Park when they riot? Search PoP and see when feral is used and if the target is EVER a white person. As well, I think we can all agree that the term is dehumanizing and probably isn’t accurate, either. And people can tell when other folks don’t like them; I think a lot of white folks in DC are just about eager to wait for rude service, so they can yell about how “people” here give such bad customer service. I honestly almost never get bad customer service here in DC, and I don’t think it’s because I am lucky. Finally, I stopped going to GP much since it is crowded and kids are loud and rude and any sociologist will tell you that people in crowds will do things they’d never do in small groups or individually. And I don’t want to be a part of that. For movies, I tend to go to PG Mall over on 410 now.

      • Or it could be that a lot of people just get bad customer service. Are you originally from the area? Perhaps you are just more used to the type of service that’s given here. Yes, I complain about bad customer service, but guess what, I complain regardless of the race of the person giving me the service. Not everything is some sort of racist slight.

  • We read it here first, now it’s a CNN Headline. Way to rock it POP!

  • It’s not black vs white, it’s not about urban vs. suburban, it’s about the violent tendency of boys that for some reason in this city has reached new heights with our youth of color. They run around with guns, they kill each other, they brawl openly on our transit system, they proudly call each other nigga, they rape, they impregnate young women, they show off their stupid ass underwear, they run around in stolen vehicles, they used to beat up innocent unarmed white people. Since no one is really doing much about it in any effective kind of way, I guess we’ll all just live amidst the chaos created by these children day after day until we can afford to move to a sterile uneventful suburb to die a boring life. I wonder what it’s like to be a good kid in this city surrounded by such show-off wanna-be thugs. F’in depressing!

  • While reading about all this I saw a link to this story on an ultra violent “Human Kindness Day” in 1974 in DC. I thought people might get a kick out of it, I guess we should feel grateful that things have somewhat improved in DC:

  • Nothing in my post justifies (if you’re being sarcastic) or endorses (if you’re being racist) your comment. Either way, take it somewhere else.

  • What happened to the curfew on teenagers at night?

    • On Friday’s, the curfew is 12:01am, so the kids were in compliance if the melee started at 11. Also, the curfew applies to 17 and under, so its likely that plenty of participants were older (based on the arrest info).

      Lastly, I know the curfew is not enforced in my area no matter how much I call, so its possible its no longer enforced anywhere in DC.

  • I learn a lot of useful things about DC reading the comment section here. I could do without the racist bullshit from the blacks and the whites though.

    I had a coworker whose company did some contract work for the WMATA a few years ago. I was expecting him to tell me how incompetent they were.

    Did not happen.

    Instead he told me how arrogant, smug and convinced the were with the wonderful job they were doing.

    Maybe that will change now that the reality of all of the ways they are failing is shining on them.

  • That’s the stupidest comment I’ve ever read on this blog. Congratulations.

    • ^^ That was meant as a reply for Bloomingdale 5:03 pm. Not sure why it was posted at the end of the thread…

  • I think wild kids are a problem in this city. I think it is a problem that we can begin to address individually around our neighborhoods.
    1. When you walk outside, say ‘hey ‘to the kids around. Acknowledge them. Do it enough, and maybe someone will appreciate it.
    2. Go to the park and play ball with some kids once in a while. The games might get wild, but maybe you can moderate it a bit.
    3. Sit out on your stoop a bit…be a presence.

    Most times this stuff probably wont matter, but sometimes it will. Cant hurt either. Unofficial mentoring. And by the way, I am a cynic…definitely not an idealist. I know this wont solve the problems of now, but these are habits that must become common if they are to be part of a solution.

    • These are great ideas but nothing citizenry can do will overcome the simply massive failures in law enforcement and juvenile rehabilitation perpetrated by our local and federal officials. End of story.

  • Steve, you are bad for America. Seriously bad.

  • Let them ravage and crawl each other to death and let the lovingly hands of Christ sort them out.

  • In my humble opinion there is a lack of strong, properly functioning families. Kids are left with a skewed idea of how to live and behave. Having a father and mother who love their children from day one and strive to impart good morals and the idea of being a good citizen are what is missing. Kids will be kids of any race but there are times like this when it goes beyond acceptable. The idea of having a good “outlet” for them to release their “energy” might be part of a solution but it will not raise these children properly. Parents are what will impart lifelong values to their children at a young age which in turn will be a large part of who they are for the rest of their life. So what about these juveniles who will be the next generation of parents in this community? How do we change things so that these parents have the morality needed to impart onto the next generation? Societal degradation is where I see glaring clues as to why things are as they are. Until society holds onto and praises morality in: communities, families, parents and children, they will all stumble.
    I am not a Bible thumper by any means nor do I ignore the fact that many religions have been used to lord power over the people. But I do recognize it has promoted a morality and a way of life that praised upright living in service to your fellow man. The golden rule goes a long way in how you live your life… (Do to others as you want them to do to you). The extreme injustice of slavery was abolished by many like Wilberforce, who held onto this teaching and dedicated their life to see it through.
    This is a human problem that is not predicated on race, class or social issues. The ability to act in a civil manner transcends all of those borders and the only way we will succeed in combating these problems is to understand what the problem actually is!

  • Ever think that you moved into a house (or more likely an overpriced condo) that was someone’s neighborhood first. How do you know that these kids don’t live up the street from Gallery Place? Just because they don’t live in a brand new building above a Safeway and a Busboys does not mean it’s not their neighborhood.

    And even if they do live on Benning Road does that mean they are required to stay there?! Do you keep yourself confined to the small radius where you live? I’m sure you have gone to some hot new bar on H Street and hurried home in a cab before it got too dark. However somehow it is OK for you to traverse the neighborhood boundaries and not them.

    Not saying that the fight is right or justified but you are acting narrow minded and offensive.

  • I’d like to go back to the question of why only three people were arrested. Surely the police on the scene witnessed more criminal activity than that, and can detain multiple offenders at once, riot-style (which is what this was).

    By way of comparison, a couple of years ago, my wife was arrested and jailed for four hours for driving with an expired license. Something isn’t adding up here in how we’re doing our policing.

  • Common sense here. Use your head. It wasn’t a bunch of white kids.

  • Wait! Crime at Gallery Place and “La Font” Plaza stations? You must be joking! 😉

  • Most of the crimes that are being commiteed are from the ages 13 to 18 pants on the ground wearing thug. What need to be done it to send to war. seems they like to fight.

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