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  • I like the first one better but I am, alas, not objective. My deceased partner, Andrew Pennington and I bought the building as a shell in December 1994 and started renovations in January 1995. There was much vandalism and evidently someone had tried to start several fires in the structure. At one time it was evident from old fire enunciators that it was a rooming house. A previous owner had removed a good bit of detail inside which we had to restore. Generally our plan was to return the rooms to their original shape and location, and carefully add any modern conveniences like central air conditioning and extra baths without altering room shape and volume. Sadly, Andrew passed away in February 1997 but lived to see the completion of the project and host many functions there as he was a consumate entertainer. 1321 T St NW has been a source of pride, and comfort for me since we bought it, and I derive both peace and positive energy from living there. I have watched the neighborhood mature and flourish. 1321 T St NW has been, to my surprise, a much photographed property, even appearing in the banner of some DC Government websites. I love 1321 T St NW and hope to steward her care and preservation for many years to come.

  • I was going to vote for the second picture based on the picture alone – although the first picture is lovely also – but when I read Mr. Sliwka’s history of the building – I decided to cast my vote for their home.

    Beautifully done sir and my condolences on the passing of Andrew. I am sure he lives in the alcoves of your home.

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