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  • Key to the City worthy.

  • I smell Reece Witherspoon/Hallmark Channel vehicle about small town Capitol Hill girl returning home from the Big Apple to rediscover her small -er- town roots after her father has a nasty heart attack after a stressful haggle over a prized antique with Deborah Gore Dean. Heartwarming snowpocalyse snowball fight in front of the Hawk and Dove, and tearjerker burial scene at Congressional Cemetary. With said encouragement from Ms. Dean, Witherspoon opens up funky/SWPL antique store on H Street. Credits roll as Taylor Swift sings a remake of Dana’s “All Kinds of Everything.”

  • This is my favorite house on that street. And most days it’s made even better with the orange kitty napping on the porch.

  • This house looks like it was built for a summer scene.

  • or a mint julep

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