Horrible Cleveland Park Restaurant News: Yanni’s Closes

Yanni’s located at 3500 Connecticut Ave, NW closed its doors Sunday night. I am still in mourning. Yanni’s was not the fanciest of restaurants, it wouldn’t make Washingtonian’s ‘Best of’ list but for me it was one of the most reliable spots for a reasonably priced meal. I’m devastated. I chatted with a waiter to confirm and as he did he noted that they were given barely any notice only being told themselves of the closing last Tuesday.

Since the restaurant was always busy I gotta think it was the relatively new bar (that was rarely filled) that Yanni’s opened a few years ago that was their downfall. Yanni’s Gyro Platter, I’m gonna pour some tzatsiki sauce out for you tonight. Well, we had some good times Yanni’s! I wish the staff the best of luck.

Thanks to a reader for sending in the early word this weekend. He noted that Yanni’s has been in DC for over 20 years. Yanni’s you’ll be missed.

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  • That sucks. I really liked the food there.

  • Too bad. I could always count on a decent meal.

  • That’s a shame. It’s getting harder to find a decent meal for a halfway decent price in that part of town.

  • the food was terrific when paired with the extremely reasonable (ok, cheap) large carafe of wine. I will truly miss this place

  • This is a shame. Great spot to get some greek food and a beer at reasonable prices. In addition to them opening the bar there is also the newish Fresh Med down the street. That and Byblos makes 3 options for greek in that hood. Though Yannis was the only sit down restaurant. It will be interesting to see what fills the space. If the restaurant license conveys I would think it would get snatched up pretty quick.

  • Sucks for the owners/employees, but honestly the food here was pretty bad. Not gross bad, just boring and mostly tasteless bad. It probably closed because the dirt cheap, hole in the wall, carry out place down the street serves better food for half the price.

  • But no fear! For, from the ashes of another CP business will rise, like the Phoenix, a nail salon.

  • I’m sure Linda Evans is crushed.

  • There’s always the Cereal Bowl!

  • The debate rages on… is Cleveland Park on the upswing or the downswing…

  • Since when is a fondness for coke and young Brazilian women a vice?

    As for the idea that CP Might be on the downswing… Always makes me chuckle. Where were you naysayers when Pop was posting about the fancy chocolate place opening in the old cold stone, or the tackle box opening in the mcdonalds? But hey I guess only time will tell. Perhaps a Yums will open up in the old Yannis space and start slinging mambo wings? I hear a wig shop is eying the old 7-11 and that the Vaces is going to be installing bullet proof glass soon.

  • Great location for a Bank of America! Or another cereal restaurant.

  • Yeah, this was done by Yanni. The restaurant side did a brisk business even though the food was less than average for slightly above average pricing, but the bar killed his revenue.

    In a town like DC, a bar 100 feet from a metro stop in a zipcode with the demographic it does is a license to print money. Unfortunately, people don’t take too kindly to having to pay $8.50 for a small, weak mixed drink, or 5-6 bucks for a domestic bottle, not even in CP

    The bar was highly overpriced, dingy and staffed by the rudest and laziest people over the years.

  • I will miss drinking beer on Yanni’s sidewalk patio! I think their happy hour specials made for the cheapest beer in the neighborhood ($2 Coronas).

  • Cleveland Park is dead these days.

  • Eh, only ate there once and thought the food was mediocre for the prices…

  • No! I’m (likely unreasonably) devastated! Yanni’s was one of my first discoveries when I moved here a decade ago, I brought my friends, my boyfriend (who became my husband) and then our kids who loved going to Yaawwwwwni’s – as their Dad pronounced as if he was yawning. Sigh. Such memories. Athio Yaaawwwwnis, you will be missed.

  • I’m a foodie. While their food was not fancy, it was the reliable, affordable choice. Their staff was always extremely friendly, and the atmosphere comfortable. I think that this is a huge loss for Cleveland Park. I’ll miss you Yanni’s.

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