Good Deal or Not? “stylish & superior finishes” edition (Reader Request)

This condo is located at 804 Taylor St, NW:

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The flier says:

“1 of 26 flats consisting of 2BR 2BA, 1BR w/ DEN & 1BR condos All light filled units w/ stylish & superior finishes:Granite Counters & SS Appliances; Hardwood & Bamboo flrs; Granite & tiled baths; CAC; W/ D & wonderful open living space. Walk to Metro, Yes!Organic Market & dining Muliple modes of financing available!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Do you think the finishes are superior? And what are they superior to…? Does $274,900 ($250 condo fee) sound reasonable for a 1 bed/1 bath?

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  • What’s with the virtual tour have pictures from at least 2 different units? Red couch becomes black couch.

  • It’s too much from my perspective, given that not two months ago I bought a 3 bedroom house with a huge yard in NE for less than that. But I know not everybody wants a house, and some people might really want to live in Petworth.

    It’s nice that it’s near the Yes Organic Market.

  • I hate it when they don’t list the monthly HOA fee. It really factors into the decision! List the HOA fee!

    • “Homeowners Association Information
      Fee: $250.00
      Fee Payment Frequency: Monthly”

      It’s on the info page, down on the right.

      PoP mentioned it as well.

  • What’s this about? The credit was for contracts closed in April, right? “THE $8000 CREDIT IS BACK! RATIFY BY AUG 31 ON 1 of 26 flats consisting of 2BR 2BA, 1BR w/ DEN & 1BR condos AND YOU’LL RECEIVE IT” Or is the developer just going to give a seller’s credit of $8k?

  • My house is very close to hear – I went to an open house here just to check out the units. The photos are a selection from different model units. Every condo has the same kitchen cabinets & counters but with different layouts.

    I thought the units were nice with good quality finishes. Though I usually prefer older buildings than this (1950s?) the large windows let in a lot of light.

    I think the $274K 1BR advertised is one of the more expensive 1BR units in the building and a little high for the area – I recall seeing that they had many other 1BRs in the low 200s, and some 2BRs that started at below $300K.

    I like the location because it’s less than 1 block from the farmer’s market and the Yes Organic Market, across the street from a renovated park, and also very close to the metro. Within a few years there will be a lot of new development very close to here. I would say a good deal.

  • …sorry for typo, my house is very close to HERE. oops.

  • D’oh. Sorry, and thanks 🙂

    Wow, I cannot read that captcha at all. It’s doubly difficult because they aren’t real words anymore.

  • Are there still 2 br units for sale in that building?

  • Yay! I am in the process of negotiating a contract in this building as we speak!

    K st. – yes there are definitely 2 br units still for sale.

  • And I am looking forward to having some nice new neighbors! I toured and they are very roomy with great windows, they beg for mid-century vintage or DWR furniture! There is a police building behind, playground park across with basketball courts (jock appeal!). Block to Domku, Yes Market, short walk down 8th to Metro (you’ll see me daily though that may not be a selling point). Take it from someone who knows and lives in this exact location, it’s very pleasant and to be honest I would have hesitated to say that 7 years ago when I moved here, so I can only imagine the next 7 years will continue to see improvement. I’ll be the first one to extend a big welcome complete with a beer on my front porch!

  • I’d be hesitant about moving into this building – it sat vacant with no work happening on it for about four months, and through the worst of the dc snows. Who knows what structural damage happened during that time with no one paying attention.

    • I’m not really sure this was the case, that no work was happening…it seems with any construction project the building exterior looks done very quickly and then months and months go by where it looks like nothing is happening but they are working on the interior. I’m pretty sure this building needed absolutely everything (plumbing, electricity) replaced inside as it looks completely brand new.

      In any case given the extent of the snows and the torrential rains this summer if there were any issues you would certainly see evidence of it in the units, and I didn’t.

      • Yeah Im not really sure what petworthian is talking about…this building was completely gutted, brand new everything. And it always had a roof on it the entire time they were working…so I’m not really sure how this “structural damage” could have happened.

    • Who knows? What a weird and paranoid posting about the snows. There were people in and out of this building throughout the last couple of years while it was being redone. Building seems to be a very solid structure, built when they did it the right old way. I’d worry more about the McLofts and McMansions that have gone up the last two decades!

  • Yes, K Street, 2 br apts are still available because I just got one. Have a lot of friends in Petworth now and I’ve always enjoyed the area. I’m very excited to move there!

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