Good Deal or Not? “Exotic Moldings” Edition

These condos are located at 161 Randolph Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“2BR/2.5 Baths Condos From $349K. 1200+ sqft. Also available Unit 02 2BR/2.5Baths for $425K on 2nd Floor. Two Master Suites. Luxury Baths, All Hrd Wd Flrs, Video Intercom, Exotic Moldings, Granite Kitchen with SSA. High Ceilings, W/ D, Elfa CLosets, Ceiling Fans, Tons of light. Ideally located close to Metro. Limited Parking.”

You can find more info here and more photos here.

I think we once looked at the outside of this building back in the day to judge the pop up. But what do you think of the inside? Does $349,900 sound reasonable for Unit 1? Or $424,900 for Unit 2? Unit 3 is already under contract for $449,900.

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  • Disgusting popup. Bad at any price

  • I’m not as harsh on these as most people on here. Frankly, you all are a bit over the top in your criticisms. But…ewww. No way.

  • Exotic moldings? Where? Is it the cheap MDF molding glued to drywall to look like wainscoting?

  • I think it’s BS when realtors just post one set of photos for multiple MLS listings within the same building. Unit #1 is clearly a basement unit but the pictures so the balcony from upper levels. Misleading!

  • Ugly

  • What’s going on with the alternating colors on the corners of the pop-up? yeesh

  • terrible looking pop-up. i would never buy that.

  • I suppose to flippers drive-by appeal isn’t important. However, anyone looking will see this is a flipper special because of the pop-up that was added to create more units. Any person who has any experience with real estate will potentially think of these as red flags.

    Seeing as how someone paid for one of the units already I guess uguly outside flipper specials are OK.

  • that horrific monstrosity was half-finished and exposed to the elements for a very long time – years I believe.

  • God that looks terrible.

  • only two short blocks to rustik.

  • My guess is that unit 3 sold to the developer. This is about as fug as it gets

  • I can’t get past the awful exterior popup. I wish DC would invent something called a “facade law” where you could do anything to the house out street view but if it’s an established neighbordhood developers need to match the existing exterior style or something to that effect.

  • Someone didn’t proof read the photo titles.

  • I’ve very disappointed with the exotic moldings, I was expecting to see something like Sigfried and Roy stapled to the ceiling.

  • This is a terrible pop-up!

    *Waiting for the standard PoP reader comments about how faaaaar Bloomingdale is from the metro and the rest of DC civilization.

    • *Perhaps that sentiment is subsiding, what with the advent of “yes we can have nice things” coming to fruition (i.e., Rustik).

      G Town and Adams Morgan have no metros, and property values there are sky high. Metro is big, but not everything.

      Regarding the condo, I’d say write a low offer, and along with the contract, fax a copy of this post. That’ll soften em up. Make em pay for their bad decision.

    • you mean “way out on bloomingdale”?

  • Ugly as this is outside, it’s just weird inside. The kitchen is OK, but the living / dining area is tiny (except in the basement) The middle bedroom is OK, and the back bedroom is enormous … it’s as if they flipped the plans when they put up the walls…and no one noticed.

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