Good Deal or Not? “breakfast room leading to huge shaded deck” edition

This home is located at 3610 Rock Creek Church Rd, NW:

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The flier says:

“Wow – stunning doesn’t do this one justice! gorgeous wider plank hardwood floors, high ceilings w/ crown moldings, recessed lighting, top of the line chef’s kitchen w/ granite, stainless, cherry cabinets, breakfast room leading to huge shaded deck, over-sized garage, fully fin lower level 1br in-law suite, & all only 2 short blocks to metro!!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

Does “stunning do this one justice”? Does $564,900 sound reasonable for this 4 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • If that’s a legal rental unit in the basement, that’s a decent deal.

    What I wouldn’t do to have that garage. I wonder if they got a permit for that or if it was a previously existing structure.

    • Nope, no record showing a C of O for a two unit. The ceilings look a little low, so it may not even be possible to get one

      • I really don’t see this as a huge issue. I certainly see value added, but regardless you can rent it out as an “extra room” in your house. And at this location, probably for $1100.

  • This is what over half a million gets you nowadays? you have got to be kidding me. NO DEAL.

    • this is more than twice the space this price gets you in large swaths of the city. it amazes me people that use the GDON to opine about the general prices in the region. enjoy your mansion in kansas if that’s what suits you.

      i think with the rental unit to supplement the mortgage, and the big detached garage, this is a good deal.

      • When I first moved to the area I rented in a building that had condos selling for over a million dollars. Although the building was beautiful and well-staffed with nice amenities, the units were TINY and it was out in Alexandria (not Old Town).

        So yes, half a million dollars can get you a nice 4 bedroom townhouse with a garage in a decent part of the city that’s a couple blocks from the metro… or it can get you half of a tiny 2 bedroom condo in the suburbs and the pleasure of owing condo fees every month.

      • Agreed. I think this is a good deal.

      • It amazes me people that use words like opine on PoP…three years ago prices were inflated so much that you have seen/are seeing tons of short sales all over the city from ppl underwater on their mortgages. Three years later we look back at those houses and say there was no way someone should have paid $400k for a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath unrenovated rowhouse on XYZ St…looking at the photos and property specifics i get the feeling we will say the same about this place in three yrs.

        • Doubt it– you typically see people saying that about McMansions in the suburbs, not city properties that have plateaued (if they are in an established neighborhood) or are increasing in value (if they are in a transitional neighborhood).

    • Nowadays, yesterdays, yesteryear and probably next year. You need to go Ocho blocks north or Ocho blocks east to pay any less… buenas suerte!

  • The location is good, and the garage and basement apartment are nice touches. If it’s priced too high, it’s not by much.

  • Great deal, the obvious staging furniture is terrible.

  • Seems like a great deal. The place sold earlier this year for $287K and this was obviously a top to bottom renovation based on the difference in the photos.

  • Saw this place Sunday. Strikes against include the fact that it faces the rear of the houses on New Hampshire Avenue, the MBR is small, 3rd BR is so small it’s more suited for storage (we couldn’t even see it as a nursery). Finishes and workmanship were decent, especially on the 1st floor, but very tight upstairs. I think it will stay on the market for a while and sell for $25-$30k less.

    • Whenever I see a 3-bedroom in the city, I translate that to “one decent sized bedroom, one bedroom that can hopefully fit a bed and a small dresser, and one closet”.

      • Well, I’d say the second BR is often a little bigger than that. In my house, I have a huge master BR, a smaller second BR that fits bed, dresser and could fit a desk or other item, and the third one is basically bed and dresser with a large closet.

      • We were noticing that too, until we stumbled on the rowhouses in South Manor Park. We bought because the 3rd bedroom is actually a real bedroom!

    • You’d be surprised what you can get into that 3rd bedroom. Ours is 7.5′ x 10′, minus a 3’x3′ closet and we have been using it as a nursery for 1.5 years. We have a rocker/recliner (the overstuffed chair style, so it’s not small), a full-size crib, and a changing table. It definitely works.

      The real challenge is if you have 2 kids and ever have guests. The 3rd bedroom doesn’t fit anything bigger than a twin bed, so you really do need the 4th bedroom in the basement.

  • Great deal. There have been mentions on this site that having a tenant as a “roomate” is actually better becuase the strict tenant laws that would apply if it had a C of O wouldn’t apply.
    As for the small 3rd bedroom – use it as an office.
    Its a great deal and would work for a young couple that rent the basement for extra $$ before kids.
    If I had an extra $100K and a larger income I’d be all over this.

    • That is true about the roommate versus tenant, but it requires that the “roommate” have full access to the main house as well as sufficient means of egress from all livable areas.

  • Great deal! Near Metro, E.L. Haynes and Bridges Charter schools and the Petworth spray park! Of course I live near here so I hope it gets tons of bids…

  • One on the same block just sold for $562k and was 400 sq ft larger:

    I think this one will be ~$520-530k

    • It is not 40 sq ft larger, not 400. look at the tax records.

      the two car garage adds value, so the price is probably right on the money.

  • I saw this on Sunday. First floor is fantastic — we actually liked the garage (could be a great shop or something). I agree with TOK about the second floor — it’s tiny and is the biggest downside. Facing the backs of other houses was a minus, but at least they were nice, neat, and well-maintained.

  • Sold in March and back on the market after a a quick renovation. I bet the work was done horribly. So horribly. I bet it looks good but am so sure the ceramic tiles will be leaking soon, the counter tops are not flat, and the bathroom sink will be loose within two years.

  • Too hard to tell anything with all that hideous staging furniture.

  • Saw this place on Sunday – was told that an agent was already writing an offer. Will be interesting to see how soon it goes under contract.
    Thought it was really well-renovated – liked the washer/dryer on 2nd floor, the breakfast room, and the hardwoods throughout. Lacked an entryway and real backyard and 3rd br didn’t have a closet. Like other posters, was slightly put off by the rearview of houses on New Hampshire.
    Good deal.

    • washing machines outside the basement terrify me. One sketchy rubber hose can ruin your entire house.

  • Not a bad deal – you always come in a little high so you have room to wiggle if the offers are lower. Don’t forget autumn views of the rolling hills and trees at the Soldier’s Home and your proximity to the potential development there. Plus a seller can choose to wait or accept an offer that’s lower. That is the game and it’s a personal choice. For those who think the seller should price it scientifically based on the features and the exact number based on everything around it, that’s a naive approach to deal-making. You want the buyer to think they got something in the process of negotiating too, aside from a great house.

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