Good Deal or Not? “Amazing floorplan” edition

This home is located at 1204 Hamilton St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Amazing floorplan w/ 3-4 bdrms up+bd & fba in fin. w/ o bsmt, MBD w/ FMBA, fin. attic. Updtd windows, hrdwd flrs, fenced backyd, shed, deck & front porch, fp. Needs kitchen+other work, but shows well. 4Blks to Rock Crk Park & Tennis! Bank-Owned. Sold AS-IS. Seller requests ETitle for closing & to hold emd. Seller=”Owner of Record.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

It’s been a while since we’ve looked at a 16th St. Heights home and this one certainly seems pretty interesting from the outside. Do you think $679,000 sounds reasonable for this 4 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • I like the house. But. Across the street from a Popeyes, 10 feet from Georgia Ave, Within ear shot of what is probably a very busy firestation. No thanks. Not for that price. Here people will tell me that some people just really want to live across from a popeyes and that they would pay extra for a house across from a popeyes and wouldnt take this house at halfprice if it wasnt by a popeyes…

  • That seems very high. Needs a lot of work. No kitchen, rugs that need to be replaced/torn up, etc.

  • Too much work. Maybe $375,000 or lower because of all the work and the Chicken issue

  • It looks like an awful house from the pictures.
    That amazing floor plan is not at all evident. No flow of rooms can be deduced from the pictures.
    All you see is shabbiness. And were the pictures even labeled correctly? Breakfast area? it looked like a living room, actually the entry. Kitchen? I didn’t see anything that even looked like any kitchen had been in the space no less a place where a kitchen belongs. (Well maybe if I look hard I see a plumbing outlet)
    It may actually be a nice house or potential for a nice house but this presentation truly sucks.
    (And the taxes! Wow! for a house in this part of town?)
    And the price?
    It’s what I call chutzpah.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention because I didn’t see it at first. Sold as is.
    Chutzpah with brass ones.

  • You will have trouble getting financing w/o a kitchen either.

    • Yeah, no kidding! I was quite surprised to see they stripped the kitchen cabinets, but left shades…talk about stripping the appliances!

      I don’t think the carpets look that bad – at least in the photos. I’m guessing they aren’t much older than the rest of the reno. I was expecting something trashed from the comments, but maybe I am blind. I love the big yard.

      Still, yes, crazy expensive. I don’t like the corner work on the exterior – looks like they tarted it up when they re-did the stucco. It does not look original.

  • For a foreclosed house, I actually think that it shows pretty well! I fully admit that my view may be colored by the falling down, moldy, disgusting homes I saw in my own hunt a few months ago. Yes, it does seem to need a new kitchen, but outside of the dated carpets it looks just about turn key to me. And maybe there is hardwood hiding under those carpets, just waiting to be rediscovered!

    The price is a little high for the view of Popeye’s, but then again it looks like a neighbor bought a smaller house across the street in June for $620,000.

    I’d guess that this one goes for something close to $635K.

  • why why why such a crazy asymmetrical porch-thingie?

    but you are kind of close to Moroni Brothers and Fusion.

  • Are they kidding??

  • Good God, take off $140,000 just for the interior and exterior reno. That front porch needs to be redone and we won’t talk about the inside.

  • I live 2 blocks away – which seems like miles when you are talking near Georgia. I would not live on this block -especially for that price. It does have great space, but too near Georgia. I would guess that it will go in the $539K range.

    • I have lived on the 1200 Hamilton Street Block for 5 years. Trust me when I say….people….this block is not all that bad. Yes, we are close to a firestation, a Popeyes, and Georgia Avenue. However, we live in an urban setting and the noise is not that loud. I spend countless hours in my back yard in solitude and rarely think of Georgia Avenue or Popeyes. I can even sit on my porch at night and enjoy the quiet or talk with my neighbors.

      As far as the house in question, it needs some attention, but it was renovated 5 years ago (same time I bought my house). It definitely is much larger than my house. I am saddened to hear that my neighbors absconded with everything including the kitchen sink. That is a shame.

      However, whom ever buys the house will be a welcomed addition to our block.

  • Hamilton Street Park, 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, DETACHED, relatively big shady yard and 3 to 4 car parking, hardwood floors. The finished basement is probably not that nice or they would have included a picture, but it’s probably nicer than the musty wood paneled 70’s man cave we got.
    No kitchen, Popeye’s, Georgia Ave (which could be a plus when you are catching the bus to work – a few extra sips of coffee before you bolt for the stop?)
    Clearly with the comps in this area at 580-620K, it is overpriced. Try 550 to 590 tops because of the kitchen? Wonder how much flexibility the bank has. It’s overvalued taxwise.

  • For further comparison, 1213 Hamilton, a well done completely renovated bungalow by Urbiz Development, that was a 3 bed / 3 bath / 1 half bath Sold June 16 for $620k.
    You can check out the listing here:

  • Did they take the kitchen with them?! Dag!

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