Good Deal or Not? “rich in Victorian architecture” edition

This condo is located at 626 Q St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Tired of cookie-cutter condos lacking charm & character?Try this stylish & charming 2 BR/2.5BA unit in the heart of thriving Shaw area. Occupying 2 lower levels of a completely renovated 1905 rowhouse, w/ beaming H/Ws, granite, SS apps, open floorplan, new windows, baths & much more. Beautiful tree-lined street rich in Victorian architecture Q just 3 blks to Metro”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

What do you think of the condo itself? Do you think the price cut from $414,900 to $399,900 ($68 condo fee) is more realistic?

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  • Wow. I’d say that’s a great deal. Quite a nice place it seems and a great price in an area that continues to evolve and get better all the time.

  • It feels small considering the listing says it’s over 1000 sf. I wish it had one fewer bathroom and a bigger living/dining area. The bedrooms in the basement are a deterrent (especially since they look carpeted…I think wall-to-wall in a basement is asking for mold trouble).

    With all that said, I bet it sells for at least $375k.

  • Very good deal. Good area (and O street market is breaking ground next month which will make this an even better area). Definitely worth it.

  • I’m not sure if I could ever wake up in the morning in those basement bedrooms. They’re like little caves. Living area floor is pretty nice though.

  • Both of the BRs look really small… it’s common to see a tiny 2nd BR but here it looks like even the master is cramped.

    This condo at $375k looks like a much better deal

  • It hasn’t been a good last 30 days for area immediately surrounding this house, according to

  • Great deal. I like the effort the Realtor puts into making “quirky” seem like “character” — which I think is fair, given the price reflects below grade bedrooms.

    Location is great. I think this is a great first time buyer home — particularly for a young couple, maybe with a baby on the way.

    Carpeting downstairs has to go. If I were thinking of offering, I’d get a mold test kit from Home Depot, and go in there with my Realtor — given all the recent flooding.

  • Nice place, great area, but I don’t think it seems all that different from any other “cookie cutter” condo. Nevertheless, good for the price, size, and location.

  • The neighborhood boosters in this thread are completely ignoring the crime problem in this part of Shaw. As the poster above mentioned, check out the crime reports. Not good.

  • SKETCHY couple of blocks. Q street between 7th and NJ is terrifying at night. Couldn’t pay me to live on those couple of blocks.

  • I always wonder how many real estate agents come here and post “what a great deal/location” comments. Anyway – crime stats for the last year in the surround 1500′ of this address:

    Crime Type 08/19/2009 to 08/19/2010

    Sex Abuse 3
    Robbery Excluding Gun 36
    Robbery With Gun 19
    Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW) Excluding Gun 20
    Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW) Gun 5
    Total Violent Crime 83

    Burglary 34
    Theft 89
    Theft F/Auto 81
    Stolen Auto 21
    Arson 1

    Total Property Crime 226
    Total Crime 309

  • Agree with the “realtors must post these” comments. Seriously, why would you knowingly subject yourself to that level of crime and clear lack of care for one’s neighborhood

  • Toured this property. The place itself is very nice, but I’d have to agree with others on this board: it’s in a horrible neighborhood with tons of crime. The Giant nearby is a base of operations for gangs…if someone is brave enough to live here it will be a good investment for return in several years…but waiting it out with the threat of crime will be the price paid.

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