Good Deal or Not? “Rare SEMI-DETACHED Victorian” edition

This home is located at 3437 Oakwood Ter, NW:

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The flier says:

“OLD HOUSE CONNOISSEURS! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! Rare SEMI-DETACHED Victorian! STUNNING 4BR, 3.5 BATH features Beautiful Natural Woodwork throughout! 4 Fireplaces, Very High Ceilings (9’10”), Bay Window, Beautiful Antique Lighting Fixtures! Sun-filled Renoveted kitchen w/ granite counter! LL features in-law suite w/ ingress & egress! Open Sat 7/31 & Sun 8/1 fr 1 to 5! Quiet One block long street!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Woah, this is one of my new favorites. Holy awesome. And killer location to boot. What do you guys think of the house itself? Think $789,000 sounds reasonable?

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  • No pics of the backyard? This is a great house. Not only is it NOT a flip but look at that location. On an effing culdasac in the city?! Original floors and woodwork. I would think this goes slightly above asking.

  • Beautiful, beautiful house. With the exception of the white kitchen appliances, I wouldn’t change a thing. My uneducated guess is that it’ll sell in the $850s.

    I would, however, fire whoever wrote the photo captions. Unnecessary exclamation points anyone? And the caption “intimate photo of 2d bedroom” made me feel oogie.

  • That’s a good deal. Amazing location, gorgeous interior, tons of space. Don’t love the exterior color but easily correctable. Also wonder about the bathrooms since they don’t show any full bath. But whatever, even if they need some work, this place should sell for around asking price.

    • Is it easy to fix the exterior color in Mt. P? (Honest question, not sure if there are any rules making that difficult).

      • Yes. If your brick has never been painted, Hitoric MtP might shoot you dirty looks, but if it’s already painted and you just want to paint it a different color, you’re good to go.

  • I agree! The house! Is beautiful! But whoever wrote the captions?! Got a little carried away! With the exclamation points!

    Just! A! Little!

  • Do you really need bars on the windows on that block?

    • If it were me I’d have bars, but then, I’d say that about any neighborhood.

    • Plenty of thefts, robberies, b&es, cars broken into, etc. In fact within 1500M of this place, there’s more crime than Petworth and other neighborhoods. So, yes I’d want bars.

      Though, I’d want bars in just about any house in DC – sure they’re not the most attractive, but they’re a far better deterrent than a burglar alarm.

  • That area is filthy! The alley behind there is full of rats and garbage. There are abandoned houses nearby, some of the owner occupied houses are in terrible shape. Brown Street which paralells Oakwood Tr has low rent apartments that house most halfway house graduates and released felons (used to live on Brown). There’s a consistent trail of ghetto blasters that pass through the alley to make dropoffs/trades. This houes and its 2-3 neighbors are the best places on the block by OMG its surrounded by nothing but offense to most anyone who could afford the list price.

    • When did you used to live on Brown Street? 1987?

    • i’d have to agree with that. been running there a few times and it is grungy. nothing wrong with that (i live on gerogia ave.) but it ain’t really “mount pleasant” in my opinion. for that price i would suggest buying elsewhere. something comparable could probably be had on 11th or 13th street closer to the CH metro and stuff.

  • Nice use of “ghetto blasters”! Does Radio Raheem live nearby?

  • that’s an amazing, beautiful house. If I could at all afford it I would snatch it up! It’s also listed as a best new listing on Urban Turf (love this website also – between Urban Turf and PoP’s GDON posting I get my real estate fill)

    agree with the comments about Brown Street! maybe you should also mention the serial killer in Mt. Pleasant and those nasty riots,_D.C._riot

  • Random Q – does anyone know where you can by trellis like that used under the porch in both houses in the photos? We wanted to trellis like this (not the cheapo diagonal stuff) in our fence but our contractor said he couldn’t get any. I had immediate trellis envy on viewing this house!

  • I did a walking tour of that area and the tour guide brought us down that street. There is something special about a few of the houses on that street including the one with white columns at the end of the cul-de-sac. I think on the houses was built/owned by the guy that started the AIA (may be 3422 Oakwood but possibly not – that is a fabulous house on the outside).

  • I just did an inspection a few door down on a nice house. There were some beautiful houses on the block and I didn’t feel unsafe on the block.

  • I toured it yesterday. It was ok. Tons of original features which was nice, but some of it has not worn well. The floors could use some attention, but I don’t know what you could do short of replacing them. The kitchen was ok but just a bit weird. Doing laundry would be a PITA as the stairs to the shared W/D in the basement (should you chose to rent out the basement) were narrow and steep. Windows were all original which while neat means single pane and in some places definitely no longer square and leaving gaps. It could easily be a great home though. The giant single family home across the street looked almost spooky.

  • Wow. love the details, but a little too close to the Woodner for my taste

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