Garden of the Day (Re-Visit)

This is so wild. That’s some good watering. When I took a photo of this balcony garden on 16th St, NW overlooking Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park back in June it looked like this:

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  • Wow, that’s some garden!

  • That is just so astounding!

  • lol- hasn’t the person in this apartment noticed that all of their sunlight has been blocked out??? or maybe it keeps their apartment cooler during the summer 🙂

    • Less sunlight in the heat of the summer is perfect and the effect on the balcony is out of this world….a great place to relax after a long day of work.

  • That’s a little absurd… I like it in its smaller state.

    • in the begining is it small and then over the course of the season it gets bigger and bigger. fun to watch and direct the vines to grow in different areas.

  • It’s beautiful!! And I’m sure it’s cool and shady on their balcony.

  • ahhhh the BEES!

  • I just love it, but wonder about the bugs/mosquitos…

    • Why all the Debbie Downers these days on this blog? The owner obviously enjoys doing this and must not be concerned about bugs/mosquitoes/light/bees/ or feral ants

    • since we are up on the 4th floor their are no bugs but lots of humming birds visit in the morning and late afternoon.

  • Mosquitos can’t fly that high. Above about the second story, they’re out of luck. I don’t know about bees, but I would assume the same. Physics, you know.

    • hrmmmm…. you have any sources to back up that claim?

      • We never had any mosquitoes on our 5th floor roof deck (Adams Morgan) – I wonder if the same would be true for a roof deck on top of a rowhouse. I’m not sure how far up you have to be to lose them…would be so nice…

        • As an Adams Morgan resident with a 4th floor balcony AND mosquitoes, I must have ones that defy these laws of physics.

          • Asian Tigers can fly higher than other species… they’ve been found up to 40 feet, I think. So there’s your 4th floor balcony. Also, mosquitos can catch an updraft, just like anything else that’s airborne. The fact remains, however, that you’re going to have far, far fewer bugs the higher up you go.

            Anyhoo, love the garden. Makes my day to see it from afar. I would definitely take a few bugs in trade for such a thing, if indeed there’s a connection.

  • Bear

    What about their neighbors below? Are they happy with the overhang?

  • That is an AWESOME garden escape in the city. Thanks for posting PoP!

  • Man, all the watering needed to make that grow could cause some serious damage to the concrete around there. i would be pissed if i had to live below that.

  • Thank you all for the great comments, my husband works each year to make the balcony a new and special place for both of us and for those who walk/drive by.

    it’s lots of work but he loves it and is very happy that so many others enjoy it too.

    • I love it. I’m curious – what flowers do the hummingbirds like?

      • Hanging Petunias attract those flying jewels, Hummingbirds.

        They are so cool to watch feeding on Petunias in hanging baskets.

        I’ve had mostly night time feeders. I put our water feeders as well.

    • I live in the neighborhood and have admired this garden many times! It is quite a gem, and the hard work is appreciated.

  • We have a large red flowering vine on each end of the balcony that the hummingbirds seem drawn to, I will ask my husband what type of vine it is.

  • Is this the same unit that does the absolutely amazing Christmas lights?

  • I can assure you that the water can get through the concrete and damage the building/ceilings/floors/etc.

  • Thats totally fabulous. Absolutely fabulous!

  • Yes well also put up a new Christmas light display each year from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.

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