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Here’s another one of my perennial favorites from the Cleveland Terrace apartments (where I imagine folks are always sipping martinis). I think this is their best year yet. While the banana plants are always in full effect this year they’ve added a huge number of flowers. Nicely done.

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  • Tropical Banana plants are so cool to see here in a northern city and in an urban environment. You have to start them in early Springtime to enjoy them this tall in August.

    The Library of Congress plants a variegated variety of green and wine colored red leaves called Banana Musa Zebrina..

    There’s also a fully wine colored red variety called Banana Musa Siam Ruby.

    (By the way, you’ll never see them fruit up here as our growing season is much too short. It takes a Banana plant nearly 18 months to grow tall enough in a high energy tropical sun to produce a raceme stalk and then fruit with concentric hands of banana fingers formed and ripened.)

    The most common Banana we see in our supermarkets are Musa Cavendish. It’s the smaller varieties that are the sweetest tasting bananas.

  • Love the retro lettering on that building.

    • Indeed. Anybody know what font that is ?

      • upload a pic of it to WhatDaFont(dot)com

        also @Anonymous (the banana expert): any idea what that ground cover is? Does it need full sun?

      • I can never get WhatDaFont to work for me. I don’t know what that one is called, but if you google retro fonts, you can probably find a free version that’s very similar.

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