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  • saf

    If it’s anything like ours, the plants will spread quickly, and that ratio will change.

  • This is actually in Mt Pleasant – not long ago it was a yard full of weeds so kudos to the owners for the transformation.

  • Thanks all —

    Yeah, about 2 weeks ago the weeds were waist-high and embarrassing, prompting my father to fill his SUV with landscaping materials and spend two days giving it a facelift. The stones are from the river by my parents’ house, and came in 4 bins in the car (and probably ruined his suspension); they’re definitely my favorite part.

  • looks very artistic. The owner must have done some soul searching in order to transform the pile of weeds to such an inspirational garden.

    Thank you for contributing to petworths character. It is really comforting know that there are still people out there who care.

  • When our son moved in in June, he asked for help. By the time we arrived in Early August (from 350 miles away) with a SUV load full it was pretty out control. But two days of labor and a little imagination produced a big change.
    We wanted to achieve something functional, easy to take care of (for three young men) and something that would fit in with the character of the neighborhood. (And all achieved for under $200.) Thanks for all of the positive remarks.

  • Now if only something could be done about the boxspring on the porch…

    • It won’t fit up the stairs and no one will claim it off the Craigslist freebie section. Can I store it at your place?

      • Unfortunately, my hipster pad has no room for your box spring and I can’t justify moving the bikes on the back porch to accomodate it.

        Call the city, they can pick it up for you.

  • Yeah, I went home with a guy from a bar a few weekends ago and when I walked out of his house I saw that he had this pimp a** yard, as pictured above. It made me realize that he was maybe worth more than just a one night stand. Now we’re dating and we have drinks on the patio every Saturday. I think he’s the one.

  • I was thinking this would be a great yard for a shade tree, fall is a good time for planting and Casey Trees is still offering a $50.

  • When Better Homes and Gardens came to profile our place, they loved the mattress on the porch, but thought the shoulder high weeds were more reminiscent of a Sopranos kind of body dumping site in the Meadowlands.

    They suggested a very precise mulch to plantings ratio, as well as the specific geometric proportions of the stones that comprised the border. Since they were clearly right about the mattress, we followed their planting recommendations to the letter.

    We look forward to their spread in next month’s issue. Hopefully, no one from Craig’s List will show up before the H&G photographer gets here.

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