Friday Question of the Day – Where Do You Watch Your Football?

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“Dear PoP,

With the NFL season upon us, I would love to see poll or ratings of bars in the area that have both the NFL package AND enough TVs to show ALL the games on Sundays.”

Back in Oct. ’09 we looked at bars that cater to specific teams. But for today’s question I’m curious where you recommend that doesn’t just cater to one team but like the reader asked – shows all the games?

Since it’s the end of summer, I also think some predictions would be fun. So how do you think the Redskins will do with a new quarterback and who do you think will win the Superbowl this year?

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  • Capitol Lounge on the hill. Skins: 7-9

  • Champps at Pentagon Row is pretty nice. Ive also heard Front Page is really good. Im a realist, my Skins are anywhere between 7-9 and 9-7…

    • +1. I used to go to Champps just about every weekend my freshman year of college for football. The 4 games playing in one huge screen stole my heart. I also saw my beloved Panthers lose the Super Bowl there, but I have forgiven them for that, lol.

      P.S. Is the 18th Amendment still a Panthers bar? I really missed my games last season.

  • Sully’s on 12th and U is the “guy’s-guy” sports bar and ideal for sundays. nothing fancy, just tons of TVs, cheap beer, and hardcore fans. also, perfect for fantasy fans.

  • I watch with my fellow Cincinnati Bengals fans every week at the DC Jungle (The Bottom Line–1716 I Street Northwest).

    I guarantee we will have more fun than any other football bar this year. We’ve got the T.O. and Ochocinco show. Cincinnati chili. And free shots with every touchdown. With two star receivers, we’re gonna get blasted!

    WHO DEY!

  • We like to hit up Radius Pizza, the Slice & Pint deal is killer during all NFL games. Only 5 bucks! I can’t wait to spend my Sunday’s eating pizza and drinking! GO Skins!

  • The best sports bar in the DC area is the Crystal City Sports Bar on 23rd Street. Hands down. Bailey’s in Ballston is also good if you want to see all of the games.

    In the city I would go to Buffalo Billiards in Dupont if the criteria was just to see all of the games. Never been to Solly’s on a Sunday but if you could see all of the games there that would be a great because well, that is just an awesome place.

    I also looked at the post from last year and the very last comment was somebody asking how the Ravens could be favored against the Broncos since they were 6-0 and the Ravens were 3-3. Turns out the bookies knew what they were talking about as the Ravens won 30-7!! HAHA!

    2010 Redskins = 6-10. When you got nobody to block for you I don’t care who you have at QB….

  • What about college football bars? I know TX is out at Rhodeside Grill, but sometimes I don’t feel like trekking out to Arlington from Petworth.

  • Gotta go with Dominion Brewhouse by the convention center. Saturdays this season will be dominated with Florida State fans and I cannot wait.

    For general watching, I would say Duffy’s or Solly’s. It seems like everywhere else is too crowded or trendy for me to really get into the games.

    • Dominion Brewhouse is a fun joint to watch football – pub food isn’t too terrible either (standardish bar food).

      • they’ve merged with the mongolian place. the food is pretty good.

        • Yeah but they still have the pub food – I think they just merged menus instead of replacing one with the other? Plus I think the owners had owned the sushi place, mongolian grill, and dominion brewhouse, and combined all three while keeping them in their respective locations. Not negating your statement, just adding my $0.02

  • My couch. They’ve got a pretty nice TV, clean bathrooms and all you can eat kitchen. The service sucks though.

  • Anyone know where I can watch Ohio State?

  • I’ll second Dominion Brewhouse. $25 beer towers, lots of screens and tables, and a solid menu. Also readily available street parking for all the DD’s and a metro under your feet.

  • For Joe: lots of OSU at Rhino Bar in Gtown ( soooo far) also lots of fans at Nellies, one of my fav sports bars that plays all college and all nfl games.

    Also Millie and Al’s in Admo is great for lowkey Sundays.

  • I live in NE and I love watching games at The Argonaut on H St(pre-fire anyways). They had the NFL package, 10 TVs, cheap beer specials and good food. With the rebuild after the fire I am sure it will be different.

  • are there any other Hurricane (its all about the U) bars in washington other than Cleveland Park Bar & Grill. that place is super lame, but i’d like to catch those games.

  • Hi POP,
    This is Alex from the Pug (1234 H St NE). We are starting a locals only brunch (12-4) that caters strictly to Skins fans, as well as the Nats, Caps, Wizards and United crowd. 10% off when you wear a DC Jersey. This is a place for locals (DC/MD/VA) to feel at home. Thought your readers would be interested. Cheers.

  • Any place in town to watch the Bama games?

    • I’ve been with my Bama g/f (rolltide dot com as she likes to say) a few times to the Dominion Brewhouse mentioned earlier as a FSu bar. Tons of bama fans.

  • I agree with the one or two people who recommended Crystal City Sports Pub. Yes, it’s in Arlington, but they have a ton of tvs on the third floor and show all of the games. Just get there early to get a good seat!

  • Browns Backers bar is Lucky Bar in Dupont. It gets crazy crowded though, so get there about an hour early if you want an actual seat. They show the other games too, but only the Browns on the big screen. Trivia contest at half time.

  • TVs are small, but I love Trusty’s for NFL Sunday afternoons. Mason jars of beer, decent burgers and they mix up the screens well – can keep an eye on everything. Free wi-fi too.

    90% of Sunday’s, I’m following on the couch. Who needs to leave now that NFL Red Zone exists?

  • I’m a fan of the cowboys (aka America’s Team).

    Because we are America’s Team, we are ALWAYS the national game when available to the networks. The cowboys provide a superior ratings draw over all the other teams, in all markets.

    Plus, we are in the NFC east and play twice against the skins each year. And then there are the thanksgiving game and the several MNF and SNF appearances each year.

    So, almost every week i can just watch my cowboys from the comforts of home, on local DC tv.

    The ONLY times the cowboys aren’t on the air here are when the skins either (1) are playing at the exact same time as the boys, or (2) are playing a home game at a different time as the boys but NFL rules limit which games can be shown locally. That’s maybe 3 games a year tops. For those games i usually go either to buffalo billiards or mister days in clarendon.

  • Penn Quarter Tavern always plays the Georgia football games and has pretty decent pub food and pitchers of beer. I believe they usually have a decent VT crowd and some Huskies fans as well…NO gators allowed.

  • We used to go to Mr. Day’s when it was the Notre Dame alum bar, but the night games sucked. The place becomes an overcrowded meat market full of bros on Saturday nights.

  • On Tap Magazine always does a fairly decent rundown of college football bars in the DC area:

  • DC Steeler Nation has called the Pour House home for years. Three floors with tons of HD screens. To get a good spot or a booth on the main floor you need to get there by 11 AM or so for a 1 PM kickoff. Earlier for big games.

  • Ventnor’s in Adams Morgan is a great local Sports Bar…They show every game, have good food and lots of neighborhood folk!

  • We used to watch football at Bar Louie in Gallery Place mall until one of the waiters copied my boyfriends’ ATM/VISA card numbers. He stole $500 bucks from his account. The police caught the guy but it soured us on the place – now we just watch football at home – saves money on food and drinks.

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