Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle/Scott Circle

This rental is located at 1500 Massachusetts Ave, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Welcome to 1500 Massachusetts Ave where we are offering a premiere location at an unbelievable value! Come experience Dupont Circle at it’s finest with Metro, shops, restaurants all with in walking distance of your home!”

I’ve known a few folks who lived in this apartment and had positive things to say. Does $1225 sound reasonable for a studio here?

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  • Sounds like a little too much – for a place infested with bed bugs:

  • My cousin lived there. She paid $200 less than that. She left before her lease was over because of repeated failures to fix the bug problem, the leak problem, and the smell problem.

    (Seriously, PoP, these captchas are getting ridiculous.)

  • New management company took over in January 2010. Last report of bed bugs was over a year ago. Yes, i do think this is a great deal.

  • Sounds like a pretty good deal if the bed bugs have been dealt with. I was paying just under $1000/month for a studio at 13th and Mass back in 2003.

    Captcha really is bad; I just got one with an umlat.

  • I looked here…. good location. That’s all I can say about it though.

  • These days, the problem isn’t the bugs. Its the A/C. Or specifically, the lack thereof.

    Prior to the new management takeover, the A/C was just fine. And it still is, from a building standpoint–the hallways, common areas, and building office are cold. But the new management shut it off to the tenant units. All utilities are supposed to be included in the rent, so not only does the lack of A/C make life pretty miserable, but it’s a violation of every tenant’s contract.

    If you look at the windows in the photo above, you will see that they are hinged, swinging outward, about 4′ high and 18″ wide. There’s no easy way for a tenant to put in their own window unit. A few weeks ago, some ingenious tenant advertised in the mailroom that they had devised a way to frame and screen the window openings so that tenants could install their own window unit or portable air conditioner exhaust duct. Management ripped the mailroom signs down and reminded tenants that installing such equipment violates building rules. During the last 100˚ spell, a lot of tenants finally gave in and dragged their mattresses into the hallway.

    Beyond the A/C, the advertisement shows the usual housing listing exaggerations. Studios in this building do have a refrigerator, yes–but it’s a compact undercounter refrigerator. The stoves are only the compact 18″W jobs. The ‘walk-in closet’ is also the bathroom. The location is good, for sure, but the windows are single pane and if you are facing Mass Ave you will be listening to sirens and car horns all day and night. The walls b/n units are precast concrete so you’ll almost never hear your neighbors, but you’ll hear everything from the street.

    I’m also not really understanding the math, since the advertisement link says $1225, but the text above the photo says $1150. I’m not seeing anything about a move-in incentive so I don’t get where the discrepancy comes from, but if anyone is interested, it’s something to verify before signing.

  • I have a friend who lives here and has had absolutely no complaints about the a/c. I think that may be an issue related to a specific unit or section of the building, perhaps?

    Other than that, it’s kind of a shithole. Although they’ve recently repainted the hallways.

  • I lived in this building for 6 years, from 2001-2007. The problem is definitely the A/C. The A/C system is old, and the management’s solution is to tell you to keep your blinds closed all day & night, and basically live in a cave. I actually took the building to small claims court to force them to address it, but DC law says that they only have to cool the air something like 10 degrees cooler than outside temperatures, and their system does manage this. Unfortunately when it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s still 90 inside, and they say that is good enough.

    If you don’t mind warmer weather, for the location – this is an absolutely great deal. I managed my 6 years there with a fan.

    interesting to see how the prices go up… in 2001, I paid $720.

  • Yes, this place is cheaper than probably any other option in the immediate vicinity, however in terms of bang for the buck, this is probably not a very good deal.

    The place is an absolute hole.

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