Fri. Afternoon Rental Option and Reader Query – Pet Friendly Buildings

This pet friendly rental option is located at 30th and Ordway St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

Large (700 sq.ft!) 1 Bedroom Plus Den – Cleveland Park Near Metro – PETS OK !

APARTMENT is in private home in appealing and safe neighborhood and has:
– – – Private entrance
– – – Living Room — exposed brick plus walk-in closet
– – – Bedroom — with tall windows. wide sliding glass door, and wall-length closet
– – – Sunroom/Den — with exposed brick, wide sliding glass door, redwood walls, brick floor
– – – Bath — with ceramic tile shower, exposed brick and cedar walls
– – – Kitchen area — with 2-burner gas cooktop, new refrigerator
– – – Washer/Dryer exclusively for use by apartment tenant
– – – All natural materials – exposed brick, natural wood, parquet floor, brick floor, etc.
– – – Patio and deep wooded yard (great for dogs).

Apartment is entirely above ground with very large windows.”

Does $1925 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom plus den?

The reader is looking for a pet friendly building closer to Mt. Pleasant and writes:

“I am hoping you and your wonderful readers can help me out with something. My 40 lb. dog and I need a new home, but I’ve been having a really hard time finding affordable dog-friendly buildings (or condos) in the Mt. Pleasant/ColHeights/U Street/Adams Morgan area. Do you have any tips for places I may have overlooked?”

Anyone have any good advice for finding a place that takes pets in that area?

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  • It may be worth it, assuming they have a giant stash of whatever they were smoking. Otherwise, it seems high by maybe $300.

  • Also, it’s not near the Metro. Maybe in the morning when you’re walking down the massive hill but in the afternoon, walking up into the sun on some of these jungle steam days we’ve been having … ugh.

  • Nevermind. Just took another gander at the map. It’s closer than I thought. Sorry!

  • I don’t know the rental market in those areas, but I know that along Mass Ave between 4th and 15th NW there are multiple that allow dogs. Take a walk in the neighborhood where you want to be and ask dog owners where they live or if they know of any buildings/units that allow dogs. Also, check out some of the condo buildings, could be someone can’t sell so is deciding to rent (or even go to the local dog parks- closest would be Shaw, unofficial on Park/11, and the one in Adams Morgan by the bridge). When I lived in a big condo building (that allows dogs) the units generally went up on an in-building board before they hit the market. Sorry that’s not much help.

  • There isn’t very much that isn’t either run-down or over-priced (I was recently searching for a cat-friendly building, I imagine that places friendly to big dogs are even tougher to find). Have you tried either Harvard Hall or Harvard Village?

  • That’s actually a pretty good (well maybe “good” isn’t the word) price for a one-bedroom in Cleveland Park. I can’t place the exact house though.

  • finding a pet friendly, metro convenient spot to call home can be a drag but it’s not impossible – especially if you are willing to consider some nicer English basement spaces (and they do actually exist). If any of you get totally fed up – Nest DC does offer a rental search service that you can check out. We have an inside scoop on buildings that take cats vs. dogs etc and which are the best price . Really – the best way to go is to get someone renting the condo they own in a pet friendly building. Those are the best deals to have – particularly in glover, cleveland and woodley parks. Good luck!

    • Maybe I’m reading it wrong but the only rental property on your site that doesn’t have RENTED next to it (which I assume means is not available) is a Bethesda place for 6k/month.

      Is that correct?

  • I third Harvard Hall. Am a current resident. We are 2 girls and 2 cats living in a 1 br with sunroom. The building is pretty nice. Lots of old building details. Laundry room occasionally has out of order machines and the college student living next door has the most god-awful yappy beasts of dogs that I have ever met, but the building manager (Joseph) is a good guy, and the apartments are lovely. We’ve got built-in book cases and 950 sf for <$1600. The pet fee is $250 non-refundable.

    There was a big fire here 2 years ago. Actually, it was the unit below mine. Our floors were replaced just before we moved in. The management had neglected the alarm systems and such and WASA had neglected all the hydrants. So it was a minor fire that got out of control. The upside is that now they test the alarm system regularly and the tenants' association is more active.

    I definitely recommend the place.

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