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If the coolest pet contest has you itching for one, here’s a nice opportunity. From an email:

“Last week, a VERY friendly cat followed us home from dinner via Swann Street. He literally just followed us in to our building after we pet him on the stoop. We couldn’t keep him because we have our 95lb Lucy, so our neighbor watched him for the night and we took him to the shelter giving them the caveat that if they don’t have room, they’ll call us.

Well, the DC shelter does not have room (shocker!) but they have given him all of his shots and agreed to allow us to pay for him to be neutered and try to find a home for him…or just release him back where we found him, fixed and given shots.

I thought I would reach out to readers of PoP that might be interested in a very friendly 2 year old silver tabby. It worked for the orange tabby kitten that my boyfriend got out of a car engine on S Street (and someone else was able to catch) so why not?!

I’m forwarding some pictures that we took while we had him. Our neighbors said he got along well with their cats and was very people oriented. Also, he was very comfortable around Lucy to a point (see picture) so I think that given time, he could be very good with a dog that doesn’t have a prey drive.

If interested, please contact us via email ASAP. He’ll be neutered Monday and we’ll release him on Tuesday if we can’t find a home for him.

Jessica and Michael
email [email protected]

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  • Lucy looks as if she wants to maul the cat.

  • Lucy just wanted to sniff him. She’d seen him before and been pretty frightened of him. I think if we had the room, we could get away with having both. She was more jealous that her daddy was paying attention to the cat than anything else.

  • Please don’t put him back out! He could be killed on the streets! Have you tried calling every rescue agency around? Could you create an outdoor space for him until you find an adopter? Ie- small shelter w/food & water? Please make sure you treat him for fleas and ticks so he will have a fighting chance to survice out there. I am sure he was not a stray before and just keeps getting put out by irresponsable owners-

    What about or

    • WARL does not take strays and no, we do not have an outdoor space for him – we live on the third floor and he could very easily jump out.
      He came from the streets, so if we cannot find a home for him, giving him his shots and neutering him is his best chance for survival. We were also going to give him a collar so people knew he wasn’t feral. All of the DC-area shelters are overrun with cats.
      I’ll look at the other groups…but really, just hope to find a home form him via PoP or our neighbors.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    All shelters throughout the US are overrun with cats. Most shelters “euthanize” 60-70 per cent of their cats. I give a second to homeward trails, also try Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, and the Feline foundation. How will you feel after you let him out, when someone calls to tell you he’s been hit by a car?

    • I’ll feel like I did what I could, like his chances of being hit by a car are significantly lower once he’s neutered.

      Additionally, I’d rather give him to a home than to another shelter. It’s not fair to him. Hence why I posted here.

      I have received one email of interest. If y’all love cats so much, help me find a home for him vs. taking him from shelter to shelter, where the odds of a 2 year old cat who was previously a stray being adopted are still very slim.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    None of the three I mentioned are shelters. They are systems of foster care. I hope you are able to find him a home.

    • I know, we’ve sent cats there before, but I’m hoping to avoid passing him around like a bad penny. Ask friends/coworkers/neighbors. It’s far better for any pet. We’ll be able to hold on to him for a few days while he recovers from his surgery if the person who emailed me ends up not being able to help (but keep your fingers crossed!)

  • Good luck Jessica! I hope your efforts turn up a new home. I foster dogs, so can’t help out, but maybe someone on here has a cat-friendly cat in the home and can take him in as a foster and second cat until there is a permanent situation.

    To everyone out there, fostering is less work than you think. I have 2 dogs and foster 2, and as long as the animals get along it really is purely an enjoyable experience!

  • I think it’s unfortunate that the folks who did this stray cat a major solid are being given grief because they can’t keep him. Kudos to Jessica and Michael for doing the best they can – which is a whole lot more than most people would have done. Anyone who thinks they can do better, is welcome to try.

  • Thanks guys, that is awesome of you to get him fixed and post on here. Even if you have to release him, you have stopped him from reproducing. Trap Neuter Release is a popular method of controlling feral cat populations.

  • Isn’t is possible you just catnapped some neighbor’s pet?

  • Everyone trying to make Jess and Michael feel bad about letting the cat back out on the streets should suck it. If you want to send out a guilt trip, why don’t you send it to yourself for not taking in the cat yourself. WTF. Sorry J and M, I was in NYC this weekend so didn’t get your message until later. Cool you got on PoP though. Good idea. What happened with the cat ps?

    • The cat is at the shelter – he’s getting neutered on Monday and we’ll pick him up. Hopefully we’ll have a place to take him besides ours.

      We have asked around the neighborhood, and he is not microchiped (not fixed, either) so probably not someone’s cat.

  • I’m partial to big grey huggable tabby cats- I’ve had more than one in my life and the stripey guys always wind up being funny,social and very affectionate.
    I hope someone swoops this boy up- he’ll make a great pal.

  • Generally stray cats are extremely unfriendly. Cats that are nice to people are cats that are used to being around them, which means this cat is either owned, or lost, or abandoned. If he looks well fed, he probably belongs to someone nearby and is just too friendly for his own good.

  • Why don’t you post on facebook? Also, Alley Cat Allies has foster parents you could use. I got a cat from one of their people, plus I have 2 rescues from the NY Ave shelter,and another from when I lived overseas. Would love to help out as a foster cat parent if there were some others involved. Also wondering if this cat belongs to someone.

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