Fenty Administration Releases Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From a press release:

“Mayor Adrian M. Fenty today introduced proposed regulations for the implementation of the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Amendment Act of 2010. The Act gives the Mayor the power to regulate the cultivation, possession, distribution and use of medical marijuana.

The DC Council unanimously passed the bill on April 20, 2010 and it was signed by Mayor Fenty on May 10, 2010. After the allotted 30 days granted to Congress to review the bill, it became effective on July 27, 2010. The new regulations will now undergo a 45-day public comment and Council approval period.

“All District residents deserve access to the full slate of medical treatments available,” said Mayor Fenty. “My Administration will work to ensure that medical marijuana is dispensed safely and efficiently.”

The bill allows physicians licensed by the District to recommend medical marijuana to residents with qualifying medical conditions or who are undergoing qualifying medical treatment. A physician may recommend medical marijuana for the following medical conditions: HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, conditions characterized by severe and persistent muscle spasms, cancer or any condition that cannot be effectively treated by ordinary measures. Physicians may also recommend medical marijuana to mitigate the side effects of some medical treatments.”

A reader also wrote in saying that they heard a radio report saying the city may dispense medical marijuana for free to the needy who get a prescription and this would be the only place in the country where that happens. Anyone else hear that radio report?

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  • Ouch. My neck. My back.

  • What is this radio that you speak of?

  • free (or cheaper) weed for the lowest earning groups? sounds like a tax-free way to get rich selling gov’t dope and keep your unemployment check!

    i’m all for cheaper meds for those who need and can’t afford them but this is a little more complicated.

    • We give free or cheaper Oxycontin to the lowest earning groups, too, and it’s worth quite a bit more than marijuana on the street.

      Lots of medicines will get people high and can be abused. Assuming marijuana has actual medical value, there’s no reason it should be treated differently from other intoxicating medicines.

      • If pill popping wasn’t increasingly omnipresent in modern society, this comment would make sense.

        The problem i’m referring to is less about medicinal value than it is about street value.

        • Maybe I wasn’t clear. The city has decided marijuana is medicine. When poor people need medicine and can’t afford it, we either subsidize it or give it to them. Therefore, we will be subsidizing marijuana, the exact same way we subsidize other medicines. There are lots of medicines that have value if it’s resold illegally. Oxycontin, for example, is much more valuable on the street than marijuana, and we give it for free to lots of people.

          • you guys are both right, but with a different focus.

          • The premise is that marijuana should be regulated. In that vein, we are furthering the black market for something that should not be regulated. Most reasonable people would say that oxycontin should be regulated. However, marijuana is a plant. If you preclude me from growing it and make me buy it at trumped up prices, then that becomes an issue.

            We will allow “patients” to try all types of home remedies to heal themselves. However, we won’t allow them to grow their own marijuana? They MUST buy it from a city backed business. Does that make sense?

  • Great campaign move!

  • If he allows it to be free or severely discounted for the poor and disabled, then my mom will surely qualify. She has had cancer. She doesn’t smoke. So my weed habit just went to $0. On this one, I love the dumb politicians here in DC. I keep saying that they are too dumb to govern themselves. If you have ever been to Jamaica or Africa, you would surely agree.

    • I’ve been to both, and I disagree. I’m so sick of reading racist garbage like this on this site. POP needs an ignore commenter function.

    • I am equally sick of the racists such as “JohnGalt”. An ignore feature for this kind of scum would surely be useful.

      And by the way, JohnGalt, my 78 year-old mother suffers from advanced, debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. She is in pain every hour of every day, despite the vicodin and percocet. I wish could get her something to alleviate her suffering. If medical marijuana would do it I would not hesitate. Your cynical joke about a mother with cancer getting you free “weed” shows how callous, shallow, and uncaring you are.

      • No I am pointing out the obvious loophole. DC is creating a loophole by picking winners (businesses) able to sell it. As such, there will be people that slip through the loophole and use that as a way to exploit it for profit.

      • what is racist about saying that africa and jamaica are poorly governed? i would have to agree with the poster on this one. sometimes i like the DC government, and then some days I feel like I am in the 3rd world.

        • he is not saying that they are poorly governed. he is saying that Black people are too dumb to be in charge of things.

          that’s textbook racism, judging the merits of a person by their race.

        • Surely, Anonymous (3:04pm), you are not so naive as to think that it was just coincidental that–of all the places “JohnGalt” could have referenced as examples of places with poor governance–he picked a mostly black country (Jamaica) and a mostly black continent (Africa). And DC just happens to be mostly governed by black officials.

          Yeah, sure, nothing racist about that.

          He could hardly be more obvious if he said “those n___ers aren’t qualified to run a city.”

          If DC is run poorly (and I agree that in many cases it is) it is not because of the race of any officials. One look at Congress ought to prove that.

    • do u have any clue what the united states and europe have done to africa, jamaica, and black people in this country? its hard to recover from 400+ years of abuse.

  • The current proposal contains provisions for the creation of the very first medical marijuana equivalent of food stamps, which will be known as Tokin’ Tokens.

  • That radio report was on NPR, but I don’t remember any further details.

  • Tokin’ Tokens…lovely.

  • me and that one-eyed dog are going to go to town!

  • Everyone is ignoring the obvious questions: why does the Mayor/Council get to make medical decisions? If my doctor thinks a particular treatment is warranted, why isn’t that our decision to make? Why do bureaucrats get to tell me how to treat my illnesses?

    • I had the same initial thought. Although, the final condition (any condition that cannot be effectively treated by ordinary measures) is pretty vague and (rightfully so, IMO) gives doctors and patients a good bit of leeway. I’m guessing the vagueness was intentional.

    • Because many doctors are wrong and are cranks. So many have been so badly wrong that we have a term for them: “Quack Doctors.”

      There is every reason for oversight of Doctors.

      A very good friend knew two people who committed suicide while seeing the same doctor. She has made it a personal case to try to uncover the problem with this doctor.

      I cannot possibly see where you’re coming from.

      • I can see oversight of doctors. But I do not believe in the DC government overseeing anything. That’s what state medical boards are for.

  • If anyone’s curious the most common and easy to get way to get medical weed prescription in CA is to complain of chronic yet curiously non-specific lower back pain.

    To Darth and Kim, generally it will be a doctors discretion to prescribe weed, though the law may specify a set of guidelines (ie patient reacts poorly to other meds, patient experiencing pain or loss of appetite, etc.). I don’t think they’d list specific ailments, there’s too many that could apply and in so many variations. IMHO.

    • I believe DC is not allowing chronic pain as a reason for medical marijuana. It has to be a more severe problem for it to be prescribed. At least that is what I understand from what I’ve read.

  • I do not support the “medical” use of marijuana at all and think it’s all junk medicine.

    Real medicine is not smoked due to the cancer risk. End of story. You have no argument against that.

    Marijuana is not real medicine and is used by the powers that be to keep the underclass stoned and unable to fend for themselves without government control.

    • Marijuana can be vaporized, eaten, and consumed in other forms.
      And apparently decades of medical research should be ignored because you think otherwise. I want you to find a cancer patient who has been puking all day from chemo, and can only keep down food after ingesting marijuana. And then tell that person that marijuana isn’t medicine.

    • Really?? How do I contact these powers that be?? I am dry, man!!!

  • There was a story on NPR a few months ago about some of the chemicals in marijuana. The focus of the story was that by removing many elements of the drug you were able to get a greatly improved ability to relieve pain. One of the elements they removed was the chemicals that get you high.

    I wonder how popular medical marijuana will be if people realize that the best part isn’t the part that gets you high and that the drug ultimately only becomes available in it’s non mind altering form…

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