Dogs By Day/Green Pets Moving from 1724 14th St, NW Needs Your Help to Re-Open

Thanks to a reader for sending the news and an email from the owners of Dogs by Day/Green Pets. The reader mentions that they believe the proposed new site is at 1711 Florida Ave, NW. The owner of Dogs by Day is requesting your help to obtain a C of O:

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

As many of you already know, Dogs by Day and GreenPets are moving out of our current location to a new building a few blocks away. We are being forced to move for a number of reasons; mainly the building is no longer safe and the landlord refuses to do any repairs. In addition, the landlord thinks a large restaurant would pay more rent than we have offered, so unfortunately, we must leave. The good news is we found a wonderful new building with a terrific landlord only a couple blocks away. We have also found a second location a couple of blocks south as well. We’re hoping that with these 2 locations we’ll be able to serve you even better than we can now.

That being said, we need your help to move forward. As is true with all dog care facilities, we must apply for a special Certificate of Occupancy no matter how long we’ve been in business. We are fortunate to have a meeting scheduled for this Friday the 13th to discuss this issue. We are urging all of you who are willing to write a letter of support and or sign the petitions we have at the front desks of both Dogs by Day and GreenPets.

We have been in business for over 11 years and we’d very much like to continue for another 11 years. Please help us and fax your letter to the number listed below. Any words of support would be most appreciated.

Board of Zoning Adjustment
441 4th Street, N.W.
Suite 210S
Washington, DC 20001 *
Fax # (202) 727-6072***

I apologize for the urgency however, we need letter of support submitted by noon, Friday, August 13th. Please fax once you completed your letter.

Thank you so very much for your prompt attention to this matter.

Linda Welch
Dogs by Day, GreenPets
1724 14th St NW

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  • do they have a sample letter people can send? not lazy myself, but i’m sure it would encourage others, i am sure.

  • These guys are fantastic and provide a much needed service in the city.

    All you dog park haters out there, the more time dogs spend here (indoors), the less they’ll need city dog parks…so write away if you hate dog parks 🙂

    Also, write if you love dogs and support local business. And if you’re not a jerk.

  • Here is their sample letter:

    August 9, 2010

    Board of Zoning Adjustment
    441 4th Street, N.W.
    Suite 210S
    Washington, DC 20001
    Fax # (202) 727-6072

    Re: Support for Application No. 18118 – Dogs by Day and Green Pets.

    Dear Members of the Board:

    I am writing to express my support for BZA Application No. 18118 of Dogs by Day. I have been a [client][neighbor] of Dogs by Day for many years, and I have witnessed the excellent professional service of Dogs by Day, and Dogs by Day’s consideration for their neighbors as well as their clients.

    [Feel free to write anything else they want to write here. The factors the Board considers are noise and odor, and generally whether the operation has any negative impact on the surrounding neighbors.]

    Dogs by Day provides a very valuable service to our community, and we urge the Board to allow Dogs by Day to open operations in their new space at 1711 Florida Avenue, NW.




  • The people that work at this store are very friendly. One of the cashiers is really funny too. Always makes me smile.

  • We live out in Manassas and still bring our dog to Dogs by Day. The place is very well run and a much-needed service. I will send a letter and encourage others to do so too.

  • I’m voting for whichever mayoral candidate makes life in DC mean never having to write a freaking letter to allow a good business to operate.

    • +1. I do not own a dog or a pet, but I still appreciate having this busines. PS I also support dog parks. And I think all non-pet owners should support businesses that cater to pet owners. At the very least, even if I do not have a pet these businesses and facilities improve the quality of life for everyone.

  • I faxed in my letter yesterday. I think DBD should be the model for doggie day care. 2 hours, reasonably priced, excellent and reliable service. You can always count on them to ensure your dog is safe and happy (or napping….Lucy….!). While my only gripe is the lack of dog walks if you bring your dog in later, that’s minor. I love that if the weather is terrible, we can take the dog there, grab a movie, and bring her home having spent time playing and socializing.

    It would be a shame for the community to lose them and I hope everyone, regardless of whether they own pets, writes to the city in support of their desired move and expansion.

  • Any updates as to when the new stores will be opening?

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