Disturbing Robbery of Howard Univ. Students at their Home

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Myfoxdc reports:

It started with a knock at the door in the middle of the day on Elm Street in Northwest. The two students answered and came face to face with two armed robbers. One had a gun and the other had a taser.

“The suspects had a taser with them and they tasered both the occupants in the premises,” said Inspector Angel Medina of D.C. Police.

Police say the suspects stole laptops, cell phones, shoes and $4,000 in cash stashed in a shoebox in the middle of the living room floor.

This is disturbing on many many levels. Getting tasered. Being robbed at home, etc. But let me throw a PoP PSA out there, and I’m not being glib or insensitive, I’m being completely serious – never keep thousands of dollars of cash in your house. Ever.

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  • One can only imagine the reason they had $4,000 in a shoe box under a table in their living room. I doubt this was random.

  • Sam E J – You’re moonlighting as a Metropolitan Police Department officer? Had it been GW students would you have the same venom and rash judgment?

    • Sure, why not? You don’t think students at GW, Georgetown, AU are dealing drugs or engaging in other cash businesses and keeping the proceeds at home? I’m pretty sure there are at least a few who are!

      • When I was at AU the feds came knocking one night to bust a fake ID ring being run out of one of the dorms. I think their charges were terrorism related…Bet they had a shoebox full of cash too.

    • Oh good, the race-baiters are here.

      I would have absolutely assumed that ANYONE who is robbed, in their home in the middle of the day, of thousands of dollars in cash, is dealing. That includes the blond stay-at-home mom down the street from me.

    • Yes Jason, anyone with half a brain would arrive at the conclusion that the victims were PROBABLY doing something shady. Don’t try to make that comment something other than stating the obvious. If it were in a Georgetown frat house I would probably be even more convinced that his guess was accurate.

    • Absolutely yes. This is 99% likely to be pot dealing based on personal experience of people with many diverse backgrounds who happen to have tons of cash in a shoebox.

  • I smell a rat. Surely the invaders knew the cash would be there. I mean, what are the chances?

    • +1.

      First of all, who keeps $4K in cash in a shoebox “in the middle of the living floor”? Must have been someone in the know. And as far as why they had it, it could have been anything – fundraising money, money from parties thrown, cash collected to help a family who lost a parent. Why conclude it was drug money, even if that is an obvious and easy option.

      • Because its the obvious option, Occam’s Razor and all that. As a general rule, anyone who has a large amount of cash on hand for a legitimate reason will take that cash to the bank at the earliest convenience. This might be an exception, but I highly doubt it.

        • They could be working as bartenders or servers. If they had a job that payed in cash then that would explain why they had alot of cash in their house. I’m not saying it’s smart to keep it in a shoebox but I am saying its not fair to start throwing around the drug dealer title.

      • If it were fundraising money or for any legit reason , they probably would have it in a bank account set aside for that purpose. Not in a shoebox in the middle of the living room

  • Glass houses, etc. Who among us hasn’t been robbed for that random shoebox of cash in the living room?

  • Agree that nobody keeps $4K in their living room in a shoebox. There is much more to this story.

    • A few years a go my house was robbed and luckily the robbers missed the 1400$ in cash I had in a lock box. I was about to pay my rent that day and had a lot of cash on hand. The robbers had no idea their was that much cash in the house. They just broke in to steal our liqueur cabinet and laptops. Don’t judge until you hear the entire story.

  • Judgment re: having $4K in cash in the living room has nothing whatsoever to do with where one happens to go to school and thereby any assumptions about what race/class/gender/etc one might happen to be.

    Jason assumes two things:
    1) that Sam E J is assuming that the Howard students are black
    2) that all GW students are white

    Jason, stop. $4K in a box is not normal. For anyone. It’s shady. Not to mention the fact that this happened in the daytime. Despite these things, being robbed and tasered is frightening and wrong and hopefully MPD will be able to catch the folks who did this.

    • Well, 87% of graduating Howard Students are black. 4% of graduating GW students are black. Not a bad assumption then.

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  • Yeah. This is not about race. I would have said the exact same thing about a white georgetown or catholic student with the same fate.

    Armed robbery of a specific house, beaten and tased, and 4k in a shoebox was stolen. I’m guessing the victims didn’t tell the cops about the kilo of whatever that was grabbed too. This had \don’t touch my turf\ written all over it.

    That said, LEGALIZE IT.

  • Jason is a complete IDIOT! He sounds like the racist one to me.

  • “Well, you see, Mike-Mike thought he should keep that cocaine he was slingin’ and the money he was makin’ from slingin’ it. I thought otherwise.”

    Mr. Little, how does a man rob drug dealers for eight or nine years and live to tell about it?
    …Day at a time I suppose?

  • I don’t think there is anything out of the ordinary about keeping money in a shoebox on the floor. Lots of people, a lot more than you think, operate cash businesses. Half the restaurants in DC are cash only businesses. There is a huge underground economy that is not drug-related running out of people’s apartments and houses for all kinds of things, food, drink, basic goods you get at CVS, etc. Folks who read this blog might not think or know about it because they don’t participate in that economy, but it exists just as the above ground economy exists. Could this have been a drug related robbery? Sure. But it easily could have been non-drug related too.

  • He’s right. They probably just had a business selling lightbulbs or shoelaces or something. Just simple stuff.

    COME ON people! Occams Razor. Big deal — some drug dealers robbed some other drug dealers. We live in a big city. It happens. Move on. And I’m wrong… good thing this is a blog and not a courtroom.

  • typo: And IF I’m wrong…

  • Yeah, there’s something else going on here. Drugs is the obvious guess, but even if it wasn’t drug money, the thieves definitely knew about the money and hit them for that reason.

  • I have rental units and my tenants pay in cash. It’s not uncommon for me to have upwards of $7-10K on hand. What a glorious feeling having such a wad of cash in hand. Never would I subject my lovely bills to a dark cold box on the middle of the floor, must have been some sort of voodoo ritual! 😉

    • I also have tenants that pay rent in cash. They all work in the service industry and get paid mostly in tips. Among the group of them they could easily have several thousand dollars in cash at any point in time.

      If you got paid in cash, would you go to the bank every single day? Would you rather just keep your cash at home to pay your rent, or ferry it back and forth, on foot, between your home and your bank?

      Besides, they are college students. Maybe they didn’t feel like opening a local bank account when they already had one elsewhere.

      The presumption that they were doing something illegal is ridiculous.

      • THANK YOU. Someone here is willing to except what is probably the obvious answer.

      • Well, they’re probably not putting it in the bank because they either can’t qualify for a bank account (illegal) or are trying to avoid a paper trail (taxes).

        Under-reporting wages and subsequent taxes in the service industry is so common it’s a farce.

  • I keep my shoebox full of hundred dollar bills in the freezer!

  • i really like the “Vote Fenty” ad directly beneath this post. Irony?

  • Mayhaps the student is Muslim, who cannot keep money in the bank because it is against Islam to earn interest. Let’s not jump to conclusions and blame the victim too quickly.

  • I want my Mommy!

  • Legalize drugs and let them rob CVS or a dispensary. CVS sells much more powerful drugs and rarely ever gets robbed. And if they do, they call the police. I don’t imagine the people robbed in this story will just let bygones be bygones. Some retribution is likely in order.

  • So all Muslims keep money in a shoebox? Checking accounts don’t have interest. I think I’m gonna jump to a pretty reasonable conclusion on this one.

  • This occurred in LeDroit Park, not Bloomingdale.

    I too thought it might be drugs…but why would they call the cops; maybe a neighbor did.

  • The ONLY person I have ever known to keep shoeboxes full of cash around their house/apartment was my 95 year old great-grandmother, who lived through the Great Depression and lost all her savings when, in her words, “those rat bastards at the bank stole all my money.”

    Obviously these students were petrified of the current economic situation our country is in, and truly feared yet another Great Depression! I, for one, blame Fox News for their loss.

  • Just to throw out another possiblity for having large amounts of cash besides dealing drugs. They could work in the restaurant industry. My exboyfriend was a bartender for many years and came home with hundreds of dollars in cash every night and would just pay cash for everything rather than deposit it in bank….of course he had no ability to save and thus would never have been able to accumulate $4,000, but that’s a different story….

  • Who has 4k sitting around their apartment? college students? Better question -how do I become friends with these people?

  • people just move into their place before the start of a school year, get robbed, along with 20 other robberies that happened and ya’ll assume drug dealing?

    you people suck.

  • They’ll be back in the suburbs soon enough. Don’t fret.

  • If this was a waiter or bartender, they would have some kind of hiding place — not keep their dough in easiest place to access in the house. Couldn’t be rent money cause houses round there don’t rent for $4000/month.

  • Never open your door for anyone until you know who it is. Don’t people have peep-holes in their front doors? Why didn’t they look through it and make sure they knew the persons on the other side. That’s how you prevent home invasion robberies like that – never open your door to strangers.

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