Desperados to Open in Former Polly’s Space at 1342 U St, NW Wed. Night

All in all this was a pretty quick turn around since we learned Polly’s closed at 1342 U St NW back in Feb. I briefly spoke with one of the owners, Kurt, who said the finishing touches were being completed on the menu. I’ll be sure to update when it becomes available online. The layout looks exactly the same as it did when it was Polly’s.

I think the layout is pretty classic (the bar is to my back in this photo) but hopefully the menu will be a vast improvement from Polly’s dying days. I’m eager to try one of the burgers which is supposed to be a specialty of the new Desperados. If anyone tries one out be sure to let us know what you think.

Thanks to all who sent in word about the new signage. For the record, I’m glad they kept the fence:

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  • My hope is that the new owners take credit/debit cards. That was one of the things that hurt Polly’s for me.

    • saf

      Remember, those fees to the merchants just keep getting higher. I’d rather have the slightly lower prices myself.

      • it’s like 2%.

        • Wrong – closer to 3% or 4% for smaller businesses like this. A lot of merchant fees are now a flat $1 plus 2%.

          • you or your sources should shop around then.
            thats too much and is more than i pay even for my very small business.

          • I am actually researching this today. I have talked to at least 5 companies in the last 4 hours. It seems to be between a .25 -.30 cent authorization fee then anywhere from 1.69%- 3.54% depending on the type of card and how you process it.

    • I don’t mind when bars are cash only. Those fees add up quickly and cut into the profit margin for small businesses. As a bartender at a small dc resturaunt I can tell you we all wince when someone wants to charge their card for every beer $3-$4 happy hour beer they purchase instead of opening up a tab. The credit card fees cost the bar almost as much as they made on that happy hour beer.

      • It’s also a lot easier not to pay your taxes properly when you’re moving cash than when you have a CC paper trail.

      • i don’t want to be made to feel guilty for preferring the plastic. there are solutions to this – such as why not set a cc minimum to protect the business.

  • As long as the the sidewalk-blocking “art” remains in place, I will not patronize this place. However, if the owners do the right thing and haul it off to the town dump, I might venture in.

  • I hope they take care of the smell… I loved Polly’s, but it really took on an odor after the smoking ban.

  • Egad christ, I’m having sudden flashbacks of the old Desperados radio commercials from the ’80s. Wasn’t it some local cowboy shop where you could get freakish things like ostrich-skin boots & such?

  • I have heard that is a venture from the same people that own Port of Call in New Orleans. If that is true hopefully the burgers will rock even if the looks is significantly more upscale in decor and menu (PoC has a fairly limited menu). I do adore Port of Call.

    • I’ve never been to Port of Call, but Polly’s is anything but upscale, and from these pics, the only thing that’s changed is the sign.

    • Very cool, if true. Port of Call has the best burgers in New Orleans (I’m wincing in anticipation of other NOLA favorites that will be thrown my way! All of them awesome, for sure!)

      I’m divided on this… at least it’s not a Port of Call 2, or something silly like that.

      But yeah, please deal with the dank smell…

    • Yes, I’ve heard of the New Orleans connection too b/c the food writer of the Times/Pic tweeted about this the other day. The Port of Call is supposed to be good although I’ve never been there.

  • It stank of piss both before and after the smoking ban.

  • I’ve been multiple times to Port of Call in New Orleans and will attest they are some of the best damn burgers in that town; lines always out the door. I have nothing but high hopes for this place.

  • If it’s true that they will serve Port of Call style burgers, I’m on my way to hyperobesity.

  • If they got rid of the urine smell, then I’m in.

  • I looked at the one bedroom above Paulie’s back in the early aughts. Turned it down because at the time I couldn’t afford $750/month. Wonder what’s up with that place now.

    Had some good memories at Paulie’s. Shame to see it go, but I welcome Desperados.

  • I’m going. Hungry thinking about it. I hope it’s better than Ben’s Burgers, so I don’t have to wait in line anymore.

    I swear, Obama goes there, and now all these tourists show up =/

  • So me and a friend walked by last night. the bar only was open- they took credit (yeah!)

    really cute place and the fence is still up
    can’t wait for the kitchen to open!

    I hope beer prices stay just as cheap (2$ and 3$ drafts)

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