Dear PoP – Where are the Fireworks Coming From?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

“Dear PoP,

who the hell is doing fireworks? It is driving me crazy to find out and google searches or websites do not help. From my top floor window I saw a professional fireworks show I think on july 2 or 3, it was right before the july 4th fireworks, and recently I just saw it again, big professional show. From where I am it looks like it is in the National Harbor or Nationals Park areas but neither of their websites say anything about it, I checked both times that I have seen them. Got any idea? Id love to find out so I can know when they will be done so I can watch them : )”

Hmm are they coming from Nationals home games? You know when a home run is hit? Or is it a bigger show than that? Anyone know?

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  • Oh, the temptation.

  • The Nationals have fireworks following all Friday night home games.

    • This is right. Beat me to it.

      • And you both beat me to it.

        I can hear the fireworks from inside my apartment, but not see them. It did take me a few weeks to even figure out it was fireworks I was hearing. I thought it was something much more exciting than that.

  • Bang!Zoom! go the fireworks…

  • National Harbor sets them off fairly regularly, too.

    • Yeah, I was there a week and a half ago and they were setting them off. No special occasion as far as I could tell.

  • My bedroom. Sometimes twice a night.

  • Being two blocks away from the stadium, I can confirm–brief fireworks at the beginning of every home game and after after home run, and a fireworks show every Friday night home game, after the game ends.

    It’s driving my dog crazy too. But kind of fun at the same time.

  • Hummm now that I think of it, it was a Friday night both times, good to know! I am up pretty high so I can see them, it is a full scale professional show, just about the same that DC puts off on Independence day. I would guess from the time 9 – 10 PM and the length of the fireworks that it must be the end of game show, not a home run show.

  • Wow. Surprised this didn’t make “What the Helen of Troy?”

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