Dear PoP – “Park View Park” Looking Great

“Dear PoP,

We’re not sure of the name of the new park on Georgia between Irving and Columbia, but it was hopping tonight and we thought you might like to see the pictures. They closed at 7pm, but the groundskeeper assured us that once they finish all the landscaping, the plan is for it to be open until 9pm.”

I was excited last week when we saw grass going in. But this exceeds my expectations. Hard to believe it looked like this not too long ago. Nice work!

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  • I have passed by it several times and it is great to look at and seems always busy. We are lucky to have such a great park.

  • Well, it’s in Pleasant Plains, so it probably shouldn’t be called “Park View Park”.

    It really does look good, though, and I’m happy to see it getting so much use. To think it almost became a parking lot.

    • Technically it’s in Columbia Heights as Georgia Ave is the eastern boundary of CH and Spring Road is the northern boundary.

      • I’m late responding, so you’ll probably never see this, but the city says both the 700 block of Irving and the 700 block of Columbia are in Pleasant Plains.

  • This looks fantastic; and WOW was this done quickly (I just wish the 11th and Monroe park reconstruction was approached with even 1/10th of the expediency). And I see no reason at all why this should be anything BUT green / recreational space, permanently. This area of the city definitely needs more such spaces to begin with, and there are still plenty of empty or near empty lots, underused parking lots, and vacant buildings on or around Georgia and Sherman Avenues to build a school or whatever else needs to be built.

    • It should not be a permanent park. It should be converted back into a school as soon as possible as promised. Of course, given that it’s already been slotted to be sold to a developer at the highest bid, it won’t be.

      The kids of the neighborhood got a small playground in exchange for losing a good school, with a good PTA, and being bussed to a rat infested school farther away. There are a lot of small kids in the immediate area, they deserve better. They got sold out.

      In less than five years this site will be condos and some business like a CVS or cell phone retailer or something.



    WCP has an article on the future plans for this space. They’re considering using it for residential/commercial and using the revenue to build up surrounding schools instead of building a new one there… I’m not sure it’s worthwhile to build these up with all the empty store fronts on and around Georgia Ave. but that’s for the DC voters to decide…

    • It is really nice. The neighborhood is not going to give up such a beautiful park. This is corny but the whole area just looks/feels better. The wrought iron fence reminds makes it seem like the park was always there, and it reminds me of old NYC parks w/ the leaf signs.

      Captcha = groomed it

  • WOW, I was surprised when I saw it last week but looks even better being utilized by the community. I will definitely be out there to enjoy the rest of the summer. I just hope that there is maintenance to keep it in good condition.

  • My husband and I live up the street from this park. I think this is a great addition to the neighborhood and I hope that they keep it as a park as well. I agree with those that say it makes the neighborhood “feel” better.

  • We also were there this weekend – it was amazing to see so many people enjoying the same space respectfully. The toddler-sized equipment and swings (rare in new parks these days) are a perfect addition to the hood. No more need to drive to Upshur!

  • I also heard the maintenance guy say there are plans for a restroom and water fountains. Plus, I think they are planning a community garden for the very back space next summer! People in our hood also deserve nice things! Thank you Jim Graham!

  • Jim Graham and Fenty will be selling this park to their developer buddies within a few years. The requests for proposals are already out.

  • Looks great! More quality parks is critical for DC to grow as a healthy and vibrant city.

  • If Jim Graham is involved it is bound to become Section 8 Housing only…

  • “Pleasant Plains Park” represent

    • Agreed! It sits in Pleasant Plains. When will the title be updated? Thanks!

      • actually it sits in Columbia Heights. Pleasant Plains stops at Harvard St.

        arguably it could be in Park View as some folks say CH stops at Sherman while others say it stops at Georgia, but it’s definitely not in PP.

  • CH ends at Sherman. Pleasant Plains is south of Harvard. Long live Park View Park!

  • CH ends at Georgia. There’s a sign right there in the east side of Georgia & irving or kenyon.

  • Pleasant Plains is a myth.

  • Beautiful! Just beautiful!

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