Dear PoP – Laptop stolen from Tynan’s Coffee & Tea in Columbia Heights

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

I was working from the table in the window by the door at Tynan’s Cafe at the CH metro Thursday around 7pm. I stood up and turned my back on my computer while talking to a friend who had arrived to say hello, still within close proximity of the computer. A teenager (who had apparently been casing the place with his friends earlier) stepped inside, made eye contact with my friend and smiled, grabbed the computer, and sprinted off into the metro. He disappeared. No one stopped him, despite being a running young kid carrying a computer with my friend yelling after him.

Please let people know to avoid sitting by the door in cafes with their computers.”

Sorry to hear this. Definitely keep a close eye on your computers when at a cafe.

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  • Sux about the laptop. But exactly how does the picture of the squirrel fit into all of this?

  • squirrely bastards! they ARE little thieves. They stole all my tomatoes!

    Very sorry about your laptop. I wish I had caught the little F-er red handed for you.

  • I HATE squirrels. Bloody pests keep digging up the dirt in my flower pots. I think I should by a BB gun and use the little f**kers as target practice.

    • my grandfather actually did this. it is quite amusing to wake up to an 83 year old german on a squirrel stakeout equipped with nothing but tighty whiteys and a BB gun.

      • Hahaha, good for grandpa! Hope he at least caugh some of them with the buckshot! Maybe he could lend me his BB gun?!

  • I keep hearing stories like this and can’t wait until I catch a thief running away. Maybe I have aggression problems but I would love to participate in an impromptu chase and beat down. How the hell did he get away via metro?

    • I was wondering this as well. Did the thief run down one escaltor and up the other, or was there actually a train at the station at the precise moment the thief was making his (I’m assuming) getaway?

  • Squirrels ruining plants in pots: I put in large stones covering the soil so water can flow to the soil. Helps a lot. Still have lost plenty of tomatoes, though.

    • Last week i caught (and hopelessly flung rocks at) a squirrel in a near gravity defying position eating the entire face off my sunflower.

      • Someone told me to use ground red pepper…or maybe it was paprika…and sprinkle it over the dirt on the pots. Only problem with that is if the plants/dirt gets wet, it smells like a restaurant on my front porch. Plus you go through loads of it because of the rain.

    • they ate or otherwise made off with and partially destroyed all 10 green (ripening) tomatoes on my plant. bastards. and they’re not scared off long by yelling, splashing water, etc.

  • Do your “work” at home hipster-yuppie and stop taking up space freeloading for hours with one cup of coffe so others can sit down. We get it – you’re an aspiring novelist getting inspiration from being with “the people” at the megaglobal coffe chain outlet with your iBOOk. You are so trendy it would be a waste to wear your wool cap / scarf in the summer time just in your apartment.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Judge not, yeah? They just got their computer stolen. Have a little sympathy.

    • You sir/madam took the words right out of my mouth. Well said.

    • WOW… a little bitter huh?

    • I’ll stop short of calling you names, dick. But suffice to say: You’re acting like a dick, dick.

    • Not that I think you deserve a response, but speaking as someone who worked from home for over a decade: I always got much more done out “with the people” than at home. There’s always some distraction at home: dishes, laundry, cat, TV, couch. Plus you’d just go batty if you were always home, all day, every day.

      I’m not a writer or a hipster-yuppie and I always spent quite a bit of dough wherever I was, often migrating from morning coffee(s) to lunch to after-lunch beers.

      Point: get off your high horse and quit judging people you don’t know anything about. You’re generating some seriously bad karma for yourself, and I for one wouldn’t mind being there when it takes a big, steaming dump on your head.

    • Squirrel, is that you?

  • -says the guy across the street at Starbucks

    Aktionsforschung odeved

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry about all the captcha nonsense. It is being worked on by the guys who provide the service. I hope they fix it soon. Sadly there are way too many spammers to go without. Anyone know of another captcha provider?

  • Squirrels are some of the wiliest (and most spastic) of thieves, but I would trust any squirrel more than I would the average D.C. teenager. Yesterday, my husband witnessed a young teenager/pre-teen throw a rock at a passing pedestrian. He gave her a cold, accusatory look, and she then proceeded to curse him out. Too many kids in this city are feral and rotten, and no one can do anything much to stop them from any of the awful things that they do because of their age. If these kids can swear, inflict violence, and steal as well as adults can, then they should be punished more like adults.

  • I have seen a few kids casing places this summer. They are soooo easy to spot. You’ve got to keep an eye on your stuff. And NEVER leave your wallet or phones just sitting on the bar. Follow your gut. If kids don’t look like they belong, they don’t.

  • Sadly, I have found this to be a COMMON occurrence at many of my favorite C-Heights outdoor or near the door hang outs. I’ve seen it happen myself at Wonderland and Social and have heard of it happening at The Red Derby and Common Wealth. My ex-boyfriend actually had his iPhone taken from him while he was waiting for me outside my apartment; he had it out to send me a text and they just snatched and ran. I’m now in the habit of not leaving anything out on a table that I don’t actually have my hands on, looping purse straps around chair legs, and looking around before I pull my phone out of my pocket.

  • Wow. What’s with all the teenager hatred? Yeah, there are a some bad apples out there (and a few really nasty ones)… but I’d have to say that most of the kids/teens I see on the streets (at least in Petworth) are fine, seem like nice kids – and I wait for the bus on Georgia Ave (right by the high school) every morning.

  • The other place to keep an eye on your stuff? In your grocery cart. How many of us put our bag in the cart, then walk over to the apples to bag them up, all the while turning our back to our belongings. Happened to a friend of mine recently, and I’ve tried to become way more attentive!

  • Casing your flower pots, I am a teenage SQUIRREL! I always work on the go.. and why yes, I do like to be around humans. Sorry to hear about your laptop. It’s too big to put in my tree so I am completely innocent. I prefer iPhones. I’m sick of the haters, profiling me and my companions. This ain’t Arizona. I’ve got kids to feed and winter is coming. Can’t a squirrel just get some food? I mean, you goons took all my trees and acorns away. Stay away from us and the Pigeons. We’re wild and not worth contending with.

  • How do you spot it?

  • I’m sorry about your laptop – that’s the worst. My best friend had hers stolen (several years ago) and all of her essays for her MBA applications were on there. She never ended up going to b-school… (which, was actually a good thing, but whatever.. it still sucked)

    Having said that, what is up with everyone making things possessive that aren’t. It’s Tynan, Potbelly, Taylor etc. None of those should have an apostrophe. Is this some regional colloquialism from some region I’m not aware of? I feel like I see it all the time lately.

  • Some kids stole my winter hat off my head back in December while I was bending over to pick up my dog’s poo. Who would do that except for some idiot teen? I understand that not every teenaged kid is bad, but I totally sympathize with the teenager hatred.

  • I sympathize with the loss, but I also don’t think you people should ever leave their items unattended, not even for a moment. Your friend could have come to you. Or, you could take your laptop with you to walk across the room.

  • DC teens came into my office building one day and stole my laptop too. I had just bought a backup harddrive but hadn’t backed up yet so I lost all my data…


  • I wonder how the squirrels in this town would taste. I’ve been thinking of buying some traps and catching a whole bunch of them to make a stew.

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