Dear PoP – “I wonder why there are no ping pong tables in DC”

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“Dear PoP,

Why is there such a dearth of table tennis/ping pong (is there a difference between those two terms?) options in DC?
I only know of Comet Ping Pong…do you happen to know of any other ping pong tables in the district?”

A question dear to my heart. I can only think it’s a pain to chase the balls around and takes up too much space for most bars. According to wikipedia table tennis and ping pong are synonymous. And an Olympic sport…

Many were hopeful that Ping Pong Dim Sum in Chinatown would offer an alternative but aside from good food, no sports are offered.

Back in January we learned that the Rock and Roll Hotel on H St, NE offered ping pong Monday nights. Anyone know if that is still going on? Where do you guys play ping pong?

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  • Dr. Dremo’s (RIP) had a table or two. Part of the issue is that you need quite a bit of space for a table and the room to move around. You can almost fit two pool tables in a space that you’d need for one ping pong.

    For non-bar options there are some tables at DC rec centers. I know that Turkey Thicket has one.

  • If you are just looking to play ping pong (and not drink), most rec centers in DC have ping pong tables. There are a bunch of them at the newly renovated Kennedy Rec Center in Shaw. There is even one in the tiny Kalorama park rec center. Look at your local rec center.

  • Results Mt Vernon (RIP) had one downstairs but may have been just for members.

    Nellies has a monthly ping pong tournament, too.

  • Raymond Recreation Center has one.

  • saf

    There used to be a bunch at the Marvin Center. Don’t know if the ping pong room is still there.

  • Another hilarious instance of “Why are there a dearth of ___ in DC” when they exist… but people just don’t know about them. There are many Rec centers that have them. Stop being lazy, people, and blaming the city for something you just don’t feel like looking for.

    And any city I’ve ever lived hasn’t been bustling with Ping Pong tables…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Wow, it’s a genuine question. It has nothing to do with being lazy. That’s why he asked it, not to insult the city but because he genuinely wanted to find a place to play. And because PoPville readers have never been stumped! You see PoPville is a resource people use in this city. No need to take the question personally and get offended. It’s all good. Be happy relax. Ping Pong for all.

      • It wouldn’t be a thread if somebody didn’t get bent out of shape over something, PoP!

        I do agree though that ping pong tables aren’t out in most public places…99.9% of the time I have played it has been in somebody’s house.

  • Breadsoda converts their Pool Tables to Ping Pong Tables on Tuesday… or they use too…

    • Breadsoda still does this. Two tables. There’s usually a wait to play, but people are nice if you ask to cut in if they’ve been playing a long time.

  • And now, not because table tennis’ status as a true sport has been assulted directly here, but more as an opportunity to increase awareness generally and for the general amusement of the readers, check out the following link of what real competitive table tennis looks like. Amazing stuff!

    Club Joola linked to above is an amazing resource for serious table tennis, but not great for just casual drinking, hanging out and wacking a few balls around (like, for example, they don’t serve food or drink).

  • Don’t forget Comet on Connecticut north of Van Ness.

  • How about a PoP-pong tournament? I’d paddle all of your asses!

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