Dear PoP – Changes to the G2 Bus Route

Photo by Flickr user thisisbossi

“Dear PoP,

As I discovered by accident this morning, the G2 has closed down the stops on 17th & P and 18th & P, NW. Instead of the normal run along P St, the bus turns onto 17th, then Massachusetts. There is no make up stop for 17th St, but the 18th St. stop is now at Mass and Dupont Circle. WMATA is relying on the drivers to inform passengers — no signage whatsoever on the buses. Anyway, wanted to pass along to save other folks the hassle.”

Thanks to the reader for giving the heads up!

And for those who are looking for something fun to read – if you missed Eric Nuzum’s guest post, The likelihood of unusual things happening on a bus is far greater than it is on a subway, well it is awesome.

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  • I think this may have to do with the 18th Street renovations that are beginning.

  • The G2 stopped at 17th St. at 9-ish this morning. There’s construction on P st., so from 18th to the circle was closed going one way, and it couldn’t cross 18th going west. Yesterday afternoon, east-bound traffic was running, so the stop was normal. It seems to change from morning to afternoon though, so who knows!

  • This is similar to the 90’s re-routing to avoid the hell that is the new Dave Thomas circle. Eastbound now turns right at N.Cap, left at N.Y. Ave, and then right back on to Florida. I guess the DDOT stop at 1st Ne no longer exists. (Sorry Eckington)

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